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The alternative Christmas gift guide

alternative gift guide2

Whether you’re prepared and get it all sorted way in advance or are a last-minute Larry, buying Christmas presents can cause several headaches.

After all, we don’t all want to be THAT person who ends up giving out the infamous shower gel and deodorant packs which we regularly greet with false forced smiles when we’ve torn open our gifts on Christmas morning only to find disappointment.

To help ease any issues you may be experiencing, we’ve put together a short guide on the best different gifts for your loved one. Save any disappointment of conventional store gift packs with something a little out of the ordinary to this year when you buy Christmas presents.

For your parents

Gift: Stargazing experience with Dark Sky Wales

Price:£50 (

Gift: Personalised wooden cheeseboard set

Price: £19.99 (

Presents for mum and dad will often be at the top of your list, and no matter how well you know them, getting the right gift for them can prove tricky. Luckily, we’ve found a few things to win them over.

Firstly, set amidst the Breccon Beacons Observatory, your parents can gaze at the celestial objects with astronomers there to lend a guiding hand.

However, if you’re after something a bit closer to home, then our second gift is perfect for when the crackers and Wensleydale come out on Christmas Day. This personalised cheeseboard is an excellent way to make it all that bit tastier.

Satisfying the siblings

Gift: Wino Sippo Glasses

Price £13.49 (Firebox)

Gift: Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker

Price: £39.99 (The Fowndry)

They often do our heads in, but deep down we really love them. Here’s two options that that have been plucked that should sort them out

For the siblings, choose some wine glasses with a twist. This practical stylish design will ensure even the clumsiest of brothers and sisters will have to go out of their way to knock over and spill. The glasses also include their own straws built into the design, so the risk to ruining any clothing, or furniture, is thankfully drastically reduced.

Next up opt for a durable Bluetooth speaker, in the design of the infamous Star Wars Stormtroopers. It has a novelty element, however with the excellent accurate sound quality it’s no laughing matter. This is the gift you’ve been looking for…

Pleasing the partner

Gift: Molecule-R Cuisine Gastronomy Chemistry educational student kit

Price: £44.45 (Amazon)

Gift: iFly Indoor skydiving for two

Price£54.00 (Virgin Experience Days)

You may be one of those lucky ones who has a certain someone in their life who means to world to them, so you need a gift to match this affection — or else you could find yourself spending the night on the sofa…

The gastronomy kit is easy to get your head around and is also kind on the pennies. What’s more it could also make them into an aspiring culinary God or Goddess (win win).  

If that doesn’t thrill them then a skydiving session certainly will. Luckily if you or your partner are afraid of heights or don’t really fancy leaping out of a plane, this takes place indoors. It’s not really flying, more being blown upright, in style.

Finding something for friends

Gift: Philip Normal face snack boxes

Price:£5.00 (Paperchase)

Gift: Avocado powerbank phone charger

Price:£14.99 (Firebox)

We get by with a little help from them, so it’s only fitting that we find something fantastic for our friends this Christmas. Here we’ve selected two pieces that will get you in their good books. First up are a set of stylish lunchboxes from Paperchase, which do away with the boring plain Tupperware.

In the millennial era, everyone has an unhealthy avocado obsession, but you could argue this portable powerbank phone charger is somewhat more practical, packing a 200mAh punch, this avocado should have your phone or device up and running in no time.

Something for the whole family

Gift: Queen Monopoly board game

Price: £29.99 (Grindstore)

Monopoly is often the Christmas Day go to, before inevitably the bickering, deal making, betrayals and arguments over who gets Mayfair and Park Lane kick in.

Why not take a different take on this classic with a special version dedicated to the rock legends that are Queen. There’s no time for losers here, you’ll be hoping to have it all, rushing headlong past go, and should they not let you go, you can break free from jail. If everyone completes a game without any arguments, it’s a miracle!

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