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Do you pledge to go veg?

Veg Pledge2

Do you worry that you eat too much meat? Or are you concerned about how your food habits impact the environment?

Perhaps you’re just looking for a new challenge and you’d like to help raise money for a great cause? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then we’ve got something you’re going to love – the Veg Pledge from Cancer Research UK.

The Veg Pledge – what is it exactly?

This November, Cancer Research UK is challenging people to take the Veg Pledge where they give up meat for the entire month and get sponsored by friends, families and colleagues to help raise money for life-saving research.

But what if I’m already vegetarian and I want to be a part of it we hear you ask. Well don’t worry. There are two different ways you can be a part of the Veg Pledge - either by going vegetarian or becoming vegan.

By going vegetarian, you’re able eat everything other than meat or fish. This includes dairy products like milk and cheese, along with eggs. Vegans, on the other hand, don’t eat products that come from animals at all, so their diets contains only plants and products made from plants – think vegetables, nuts, fruits and grains.

Whatever route you choose to take as part of the Veg Pledge, the end result is the same. No meat for a month and money raised for Cancer Research UK.

Why take the Veg Pledge?

There are a whole host of great reasons to take the Veg Pledge and to just cut down on your meat consumption in general, including:

So, you’re not shy of motivation.

Now you know a bit more, do you feel like taking the challenge this November? Read our tips on how to do so, and follow some simple vegan and veggie recipes to help you stay meat free this November.

Simple meat-free recipes

To help you on your month-long challenge, we’ve found some easy-to-follow meat-free recipes so you can enjoy delicious vegan and veggie meals. Try out these Asian-inspired dim sum, three cheap vegan meals and the ultimate vegetarian lunch that features a great meat replacement – halloumi!

Gordon Ramsay's Vegetarian lunch

Whilst Mr Ramsay has called this ‘lunch’, this two-course recipe could quite easily be served as an evening meal, or you could split it in half for two separate meals. Whatever you decide to do, it’s one to impress and bound to go down a treat.

Vegan meals

Ever thought that eating vegan could be hard work? Well think again! We’ve got not one, not two, but three (!) vegan recipes from vegan food influencer Rachel Ama for you to enjoy. Veggie spaghetti Bolognese, chickpea curry and a ‘buddha bowl’, all designed to serve three or more people. Delicious, cheap and simple meat-free meals!

Dim Sum

This is a perfect swap for that Friday night takeaway, and not only is it vegan, but it’s pretty healthy too. So, invite your friends over, grab the wine and have some fun in the kitchen. We hope you love them as much as we do!