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Avant Life: Style Series - Add Chic 1960's vibes to your home

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Few things from the 1960s have stood the test of time quite like its interior design influences, with many subtle touches from the decade becoming everyday features in our home.

Fast forward to 2020 and the wider sixties interior design and style is back in a big way. Read our guide on how you can bring touches of sixties chic and style into your home.

Be bold with chic colour and psychedelic patterns

The 1960s interior design colour palette is one of big, bright colours and expression. Think bold reds, glowing oranges and bright blues alongside greens and yellows. Combined with brave patterns and clean lines, it leads to a striking sixties-themed home interior.

A fantastic example of 1960s interior design, why not try this lime green floral wallpaper designed by the iconic Barbara Hulanick, or for something a little more sophisticated, opt for this purple, stone and mocha geometric paper.

To incorporate bold colours throughout your home, the last edition of our style series demonstrates how you can do just that, whilst striking a balance of paying homage to the decade and avoiding looking like you’ve stepped back in time.

Timeless, classic furniture

One of the most famous pieces of furniture to be popularised during the decade was The Eames lounge chair and ottoman and is something that has really stood the test of time – you may have even seen an Eames in one of our showhomes!

Alongside its comfort and versatility, it’s a fantastic addition to a living room or home office and adds a touch of classic 1960s design to any home.

An even more out-there piece of furniture that has seen a real resurgence over recent years is the bubble chair. It was ground-breaking in the sixties as it showed furniture could be fun as well as just functional. 60 years later, nothing has changed!

The bubble chair is ideal for the modern-day home, especially in a bedroom as a reading space or even as a statement piece as part of your garden. BubbleChairsDirect offers a wide range of bubble chairs, allowing you to find a furnishing perfect for your space.

Making your walls pop with 1960s art

Although created in the 1950s, pop art took off and hit new heights in the following decade. From the works of Andy Warhol and David Hockney to Keith Haring and Jasper Johns, there are plenty of ways you can use the concept of pop art throughout your home.

If you want to go big, think about mixing and matching colourful dining chairs with a white dining table. Or a bold sofa with bright accessories and cushions. For inspiration on finding the right artwork, check out online store Buy Pop Art which has a whole host of prints to choose from.  The joy of pop art is that it’s as playful and adaptable as you’d like it to be. There’s no right or wrong way to use it, so have fun

A gallery wall can bring a hit of pop art into your home. The combinations of artwork, prints and patterns add splashes of colour to a room, whilst adding a touch of 1960s chic. Not sure on how to get started with a feature wall? Our gallery wall feature can help you on your way.

Versatile and open shelving

Shelving that was both functional and open was a huge part of sixties design, both in the home and the office. Used as a way of storing and displaying objects, recent years have seen a huge resurgence in the trend.

It couldn’t be easier to use them throughout your home and in variety of rooms. Ladder shelving is ideal for a living room or bathroom, whilst open bookcases and sideboards are great additions to a hallway or bedroom. 





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