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Straya Day! Throwing an Australian-themed party

Straya Day2

G’day sports! Looking for some fun this month? How about throwing your very own Australia Day party!

Celebrating the anniversary of the first fleet of British ships finding land on January 26 1778, Australia Day is the country’s national day and gives all its natives the chance to kick back and have a little bit of fun.

But if you’re not fortunate enough to be on the sandy shores of Bondi Beach, we’ve put together a guide on throwing your very own Australian-themed party. So bring a bit of sunshine to the gloomy January, you little ripper!

Decorating your home

First place to start for your Australian-themed party – getting your home kitted out. The easiest way to decorate is by buying some Australia flags and popping them up around your home – bunting is a good route to take, as you can cover a larger space or a few big flags can be hung up wherever you please.

Australia is a country famed for its wildlife, so get some blow-up animals to decorate your space – we’re talking kangaroos, koala bears and maybe the odd crocodile. If you’re wanting to go all-out, make your own didgeridoos out of cardboard and paints to give an authentic feel!

Aussie-themed fancy dress

You can’t throw an Australian-themed party without having some form of fancy dress on the go! When it comes to getting dressed up, there’s plenty of inspiration you can take from this wonderful country.

For the classic look, a corked hat is an absolute must-have at any Australia Day party, as is a pair of flip-flops (or thongs, as they are called down under). Get inspired by the gnarly dudes of Bondi and put on your swim shorts and sunglasses to channel your inner surfer superstar, or sport fanatics can don their cricket whites or rugby jersey.

To stand out from the crowd, become Australia’s very own Crocodile Dundee for the occasion (just make sure you’ve got a plastic knife, not a real one!) or become legendary animal lover Steve Irwin with a bush explorer outfit.

Local delicacies and cuisine

No, we’re not just talking a few cans of that well-known lager brand! Putting out all the stops with your food offering at your Australia Day party doesn’t have to be a difficult task, and your guests will be mightily impressed with your cooking skills.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Aussies love a good BBQ. so that’s the best route to take – yes, BBQing in January might seem a little wild, but your food will reap the benefits. Go all-out with Australian meats such as emu, kangaroo and crocodile or if you’re not feeling too adventurous, the classic sausage will go down a treat and is a firm favourite in Australia.

And, of course, make sure you’ve got some toast and lashings on Vegemite on the go too! 

Choosing the right tunes

To get your guests in the spirit, getting the music right is a must. There are a whole host of artists and groups from Australia who you can stick on a playlist to play during your party.

No Australian-themed party would be complete without the legendary ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work being belted out for a sing-a-long (everyone knows the words to that right?) or the perfect pop tunes of Kylie Minogue. For something a little heavier, opt for Aussie rock gods AC/DC, who’ll be sure to shake you all night long, and INXS will definitely give your party a New Sensation. Others to get on your playlist include Olivia Newton-John, The Easybeats, Skyhooks, The Seekers and Savage Garden.

To end the night, go back to 1988 and play the love classic ‘Especially For You’ by Neighbours sweethearts Kylie and Jason Donovan – that will be sure to get a few people slow dancing!

Follow our top tips and you’ll be able to throw an Australian-themed party that goes down an absolute treat. Hoo-roo!