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Smart home tech is changing the way we live in our homes


Once the stuff of science fiction, smart technology is all around us today and helping make our lives easier.

And one of its biggest benefits is that it can be controlled with your phone from wherever you are, and help you create your ideal home environment.

Here, we’ve looked at how smart home tech is changing the way we interact with our homes.

Getting smart with speakers

The likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home have become prominent parts of our homes. A smart speaker can play your favourite song, or let you know when it’s time to take your roasties out of the oven, all activated through a voice command. It’ll remind you about an appointment or meeting, let you know if you’re going to need a brolly later, give you a traffic report update and walk you through a recipe. You’ve got your own personal assistant at the utterance of a sentence.

Making your home just right for you

Imagine it’s a chilly day, you’re on your way home from work or the shops, and you want to get all cosy and warm as soon as you get home. In the past, that would have meant rushing through the door to turn on the thermostat and then wrapping yourself in a blanket while your teeth chatter waiting for the heating to kick in.

Or what if you forgot to leave a light on? It can be intimidating coming home in the dark.

These days, things can be so different thanks to smart technology that you can control from an app on your phone. Just a click on your phone while you’re on your way home, and you can turn the heating on or switch on the lights, so that your home’s as welcoming as possible when you arrive.

Showers have also become smart. Thanks to digital displays, you can now set the right temperature and flow for you – so no more fiddling with taps or having to jump out of the way before a cold jet of water gets you!

Giving you peace of mind

It’s human nature to want to know that your home’s safe and secure when you’re away. Livestream smart home technology can give you the peace of mind you need.

Thanks to smart doorbells, you can see or speak to anyone that comes to your door via your phone, wherever you are. This is great for when a delivery driver comes to your door when you’re not in, and you need to instruct them where to leave your package.

There are also motion detectors you can put in your home that let you see what might have set them off via your phone. You don’t need to be staring at your phone the whole time − notifications will alert you if your home tech security needs to show you anything.

Keeping your bills down

Gone are the days of estimated home energy bills or fumbling through the downstairs cupboard looking for an exact reading – smart meters can do it all for you.

The digital display tells you precisely how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing in pounds and pence. They share this data directly with your energy supplier, meaning that you don’t have to call them about your usage or bills.

Smart technology as standard with Avant Homes

You’d expect to have to go out, buy and install smart technology in your new home yourself. But how great would it be to have some of this amazing smart tech built into your home before you even move in?

At Avant, all our homes come with smart technology as standard. From Hive Active Heating to manage energy use, to Multiflow Technology™ in the kitchen for even heat convection and easy-to-use touch control panels, and incredible smart showers with digital displays, we strive to give you more home to begin with through including smart technology that’ll enhance the way you interact with your home.


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