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Six ways to get your 10,000 steps indoors

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It’s safe to say getting our 10,000 steps a day at the moment is proving a little trickier than usual!

As we can’t get outside for more than one period of exercise a day, trying to reach that holy grail of steps can be difficult, especially for those having to work from home and home school kids too. But never fear – you can reach 10,000 steps a day inside your very own home!

Follow our top six tips on how to do 10,000 steps indoors.

Get into the groove on your games console

No, we’re not suggesting you get your steps in by being glued to your Xbox and PlayStation!

Thanks to the latest in gaming tech, you can now play games through using sensors rather than a controller – meaning dancing games are absolutely perfect! Try Just Dancefor a bit of family fun and fitness.

Blast some tunes for the morning tidying routine

With a full house every day, there’s one thing that can build up very fast – mess! But who’d have thought tidying could help you reach your daily target of 10,000 steps? Start your day by going into every room in your home and giving it a quick tidy, whether it’s making your family’s beds, wiping down the kitchen surfaces or tidying away yesterday’s home school activities. Get some music going too for that added bit of fun.

Step, step and step some more!

The current situation means we might only be able to go outside for a short period of time for exercise, so turn your home into your gym. Use your staircase to do a routine of stepping on the first step and then back down, then go up two steps and back down those two. Carry this on all the way up (and down) and not only will you be working towards getting 10,000 steps, you’ll be getting a solid leg work out!

Create your own treasure hunt

Fun for all the family, setting up your very own treasure hunt is a great way to get those extra steps in. Write a set of clues and hide them around your house and garden, then let the hunt commence! It’s a way to make the most of an afternoon, keep everyone occupied and get some steps in.

Get physical with your vacuuming

Vacuuming your house every day might seem excessive, but it will allow you to get your daily steps in by simply walking around your house. You could take it in turns with your partner so you both can reap the benefits – cue the “do you even know how to turn the vacuum cleaner on?!” jokes...


Take your fitness online!


Whilst inside, get your family moving with some online videos jam-packed with fitness classes to help you work towards 10,000 steps! Follow the lead of the nation’s fitness guru Joe Wicks as he undertakes daily fitness classes online to keep the UK moving.


Doing 10,000 steps indoors doesn’t have to be boring! If you’ve got any cool, quirky or unique ways you’re managing to get your steps in without leaving the house be sure to share them with us!

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