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Six things you’re bound to understand if you live with a cat


Did you know that nearly 50 per cent of adults in the UK own a pet, with an estimated 11.1 million pet cats?

It is a remarkable statistic and to celebrate our love of our feline friends, ahead of International Cat Day on August 8 we’ve put together a list of the six things you’re bound to know if you share your life with a cat.   

1. They’re the boss

Just like babies and small children, if it is early in the morning and the cat is awake then the chances are, you’re awake too. And, again like small children, they won’t really care how they get you up. From a gentle pawing at you to remind you that it’s time for breakfast to unceremoniously perching themselves on your face, they will find a way of waking you up. Rise and shine!

2. You’ll get affection, just on their terms

Sometimes they can be cuddliest little thing in the world, won’t leave your side and will be content to be with you for hours at a time just relaxing, especially when they’re kittens. Oftentimes however, they can act like you’ve offended them for life and won’t even look at you – until it’s time to eat or go outside that is. Don’t worry, they do love you; they just have a funny way of showing it…

3. Laptops are the purrrfect place to sit

If you’ve ever worked from home, sat with the laptop in front of the TV during the evening or done pretty much anything that involves you and a keyboard and your cat in the room, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here. The screen is on, you’re typing, and all of a sudden, a certain feline friend wants to see what you’re doing. And they’ll do it whilst sitting either on your hands or on the keyboard. No, we aren’t quite sure why either, but it happens like clockwork!

4. The simplest toys are the best toys

That expensive interactive maze that you just bought and that is supposed to keep them entertained for hours at a time? Nope, not interested. The box it came in? They can’t get enough of it. Lesson well and truly learned.

5. They are really clean pets, but cat hair is a problem

Unlike other four-legged friends, cats are extremely clean creatures – despite what their fur around your house and all over your black jeans may say otherwise! They spend a lot of time cleaning and grooming themselves, up to 50 per cent of their day according to some studies.

There are a whole host of reasons why they clean themselves so much, such as cooling themselves down and sometimes for relaxation. And unlike dogs, they don’t need to be taken outside when they need the toilet. So, whilst the fur on the couch or on the rug may be a bit messy, it could be so much worse.  

6. We love them, and we wouldn’t have them any other way

Cats are the reason you’re never shy of company if you’re curled up watching a film in the evening. They’re a great companion whilst you’re cooking dinner. They provide plenty of funny stories for when they do something daft and they will quite happily sit and listen to you talk (we think). At the end of the day they’re your pet and you wouldn’t change them for the world.