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Six of the best in-home technology pieces from CES 2019


CES is arguably the most important occasion in the world of consumer technology.

First launched over 50 years ago, the annual event held in Las Vegas features some of the biggest names in technology, with over 4,500 exhibitors attracting 180,000 visitors from 155 countries.

In the past some of the best bits of household technology were first unveiled on CES’s prestigious stage such as the Blue Ray Player, Xbox and 4K televisions.

Technology has made huge strides in the digital age with new gadgets and smart home solutions transforming our lives. We’ve taken a look at six of the best new home technology pieces showcased at CES this year which could be heading through your front door in 2019.

Product: Lenovo Smart Clock

Taking the alarm clock into the 21st century is this new device from Lenovo. The Google Assistant-enabled clock comes with a 4-inch touch screen display which has the ability to wake you up with light, allowing for a gradual wake up as opposed to the more traditional in your face bells and whistles to immediately rise from your slumber. That’s not all, it also allows you to set sleep routines, listen to music and charge devices as well as streaming your favourite films and TV shows. Set to be in stores in the spring, at £65 it offers excellent value for money.

Product: Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

The bathroom seems to be the part of the house which has been neglected by smart technology. But US toilet maker Kohler has developed a smart loo compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. It comes complete with voice control, a heated seat as well as an auto cleaning and drying system to take some of that hassle out from the equation. However the £5,360 price tag could send you pulling the chain on this one.

Product: HomeBrew pods

One of the most eye-catching products unveiled at CES this year was LG’s HomeBrew. Not too dissimilar to a Nespresso, this lets people pick a beer capsule to put into the machine and brew a fresh five-litre batch of hoppy goodness. However, there’s one glaring difference, whilst your caramel macchiato may take mere seconds to brew, your beer will take a fortnight, so you’re probably better off heading to the local!

Product: Evovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Robot vacuum cleaner

German company Evovacs has come up with an automated solution to one of the most notorious house chores — hoovering. First pioneered in 2018, the smart robot vacuum has now been developed to be let loose on your floors and is expected to reach the market later this year. The Deebot is AI-powered and uses machine learning which can detect obstacles in your home, by creating visual interpretations for a bespoke cleaning plan. Whilst it may sound like something more in place in a Terminator film with its AI technology, it could save you the hassle of ever going back to the unenvied task.   

Product: Mui Smart Display

Developed by Japanese company Mui, this product certainly raised a few eyebrows at CES. A simple plank of wood to the naked eye, the Smart Display houses a touch-sensitive LED light display built into it. The home device works with Google Assistant, allowing users to get an overview of various devices around the home, letting you control lighting, music and the temperature. It’s certainly not your average piece of wood, especially with its £420 price tag!

Product: Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all? At the moment the answer is probably the Google-enabled Home Smart Mirror, the brainchild of US company Capstone Connected. Like in normal mirrors you can do your hair and make up, but this this touchscreen device functions as a tablet too, making it far more practical. You can check emails, the weather and much more, all before leaving the house. No details on prices have been revealed yet, the product is expected to be released this year.