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Bring the scents and tastes of the Christmas markets to your home this festive season!

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If there are two things everyone loves about a Christmas market, it’s the food and the drinks!

But in a year where our favourite festive markets are closed, we want to inspire you to bring the scents and tastes of the stalls to your very own home.

We’ve rundown the best food and drink from the classic Christmas markets for you to rustle up at home, and offered some easy recipes for you to follow.

Simple Christmas market food recipes

First, the Wurst!

Nothing quite epitomises a trip to the Christmas market like the sight of a huge pan full of German sausages sizzling away. We’re talking much more than the classic British banger – German wursts tend to be longer, thinner and packed full of flavour!

Whether you go for a Bratwurst or a Bockwurst, supermarkets and butchers across the UK stock German sausages, so you won’t have difficulty finding some. When it comes to bread, be sure to go for a crusty roll which allows the sausage to poke out the end of! To finish, add a squirt of mustard and a spoonful of sauerkraut or curry sauce to give your sausage that authentic taste.

Light, fluffy waffles

To indulge in the very best of the festive markets, waffles are a must! The great thing about waffles is that once you’ve made them, how they are topped is completely down to personal preference. But if you’re going all out, we recommend lashings of chocolate sauce or spread, a drizzle of fresh cream and a mix of chopped banana and strawberries – delicious! Don’t have much of a sweet tooth? No problem, check out our guide on how to make English Breakfast waffles here.

The Käse for cheese dishes!

Raclette is hugely popular on the Christmas market scene – and there’s nothing stopping you from making it at home! This semi-hard cheese dish is melted down and served in super-cheesy slices on top of the likes of pickles, potatoes and meats. You can get a raclette grill from Wayfair to get that melted effect, and be inspired by this guide from Garlic Delight on how best to serve up!

Don’t forget about the classic baked camembert either – it makes for the perfect market dish for everyone to get stuck into. Serve with bread or vegetable sticks!

Candied almonds

A sweet snack, candied almonds are easy to make and will get everyone coming back for seconds. All you need to do is mix water, sugar and cinnamon in a pan, bring to the boil then add in the almonds. Then, wait until the mixture coats the almonds like a syrup before popping in the oven for 15 minutes. It’s as easy as that – you can find the full recipe here!

Best Christmas market drinks


Gluhwein pretty much translates to mulled wine – and who can’t resist the temptation of a flavoursome, hot mug of that! For a simple Gluhwein recipe, add some sliced oranges, cinnamon, sugar, ginger and red wine into a pan on a gentle heat. Allow the mixture warm up for 15 minutes (don’t let it start to boil!) and voila – you’ve got yourself some tasty Gluhwein.

For an extra kick, add some rum or amaretto in too – it’ll be sure to warm you to the core if you’re entertaining outside.

Hot Toddy

Mixing the sweetness of honey, the bitterness of lemon and the boozy goodness of a dash of whiskey, the Hot Toddy is a classic winter warmer. This drink couldn’t be easier to make either – simply whisk together some honey and whiskey in a mug, add hot water and a cinnamon stick, then finish with a squeeze of lemon.

Hot chocolates

For our young ones, a rich, thick and creamy hot chocolate is sure to hit the spot when it comes to the best Christmas market drinks.

Leave the cocoa powder in the cupboard for this sugary treat though – melt milk, white or dark chocolate into a bowl over a pan of boiling water, then slowly poor in milk until you achieve the thickness you want for your hot chocolate. To finish, add the trimmings of whipped cream, a chocolate flake and a drizzle of caramel sauce.


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