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Seven simple ways to organise your kitchen

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Often described as the hub of the home, your kitchen is also the one area that seems to fall into disorganisation quickly

Whether you’re endlessly searching for that missing food container lid or you find yourself buying the same spice over and over because you didn’t realise you already had it, you might think that a bigger kitchen is the answer. However, even the smallest kitchen can be organised efficiently, making meal time prep less stressful and ensuring whatever size space you have stays clean and organised.

The good news is you don’t necessarily need to rip out your existing kitchen and start again. You simply need to organise it better. Here are my top ways to organise your kitchen, no matter what size you’re living with.

Wall storage

One of the most efficient ways of creating more storage is to utilise the vertical space in your kitchen. Consider adding shelving to store everything from your everyday plates, glasses and mugs to installing pegs for hanging pots and pans so you can free up drawer and cupboard space.

Mount a spice rack to free up cupboard space and alphabetise your spices so that you always know what you have on hand.


Baskets can be a great way to keep your pantry organised. Smaller baskets in lower cabinets can be used to store things like the kids’ snacks or to hold everything from spice and soup packets to drink cartons.

Larger baskets can make use of any dead space above your top cupboards to store things you may not use as often like table linens and special occasion pieces or even the warranties and instruction books on your appliances.

Drawer and standing dividers

Large drawers can end up being a cluttered mess but by using dividers, you can easily store like-for-like items together. Consider using them not just for cutlery and utensils but also for things that you reach for often – scissors, tape and note pads, for example

If you have some vertical space between your cabinets that’s going to waste, use standing dividers to keep cookbooks, cutting boards or baking trays organised and easily within reach.

In-cupboard wire shelving

You can make use of some of the dead space under the sink or in cupboards by installing wire shelving that pulls out, allows you to easily see everything at the same time.

Using glass jars for dry goods

Instead of having lots of different dry good paper packs which are difficult to tell apart, consider decanting things like flour, sugar, pulses and pasta into clear glass jars with a clip or cork lid. Label the jars to easily see what you have, as well as being able to see when you need to replenish your stocks.

Moveable trollies

If you are lacking in both storage space and prep space, a moveable trolley may be a good way to get around this issue and stay organised. There are many available on the market in every size imaginable, from larger ones that can be used as a makeshift island to smaller trollies to store all manner of your kitchen requirements.

Utilise the Back of Cupboard Doors

The back of your cupboards can also be used to free up space and organise your kitchen more efficiently. A cork board can be mounted to hold your favourite recipes or a chalk board can be used to plan your weekly shop. Consider installing hooks to hold pot lids or a magnetic strip to hold knives.


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