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Seven must-watch box sets to make staying in the new going out


“There is never anything on this TV!”

Sound familiar? We bet that’s said in every household up and down the UK on a regular basis! But never fear, you don’t just have to stick to the classic terrestrial or digital tele to get your TV fix – there’s a whole host of box sets to watch and binge on!

So get snuggled up on the sofa, rustle up a delish foodie spread and have a night in with one of these must-watch box sets.

Stranger Things

Watch if you like: Sci-fi meets horror, set to an 80s soundtrack

It’s almost as if everyone is talking about Stranger Things, especially now season three has landed. This Netflix series follows four average kids and their friend, who has telekinetic superpowers – as you do – who witness supernatural forces and unravel a whole host of paranormal mysteries. Set in a fictional Indiana town during the 1980s, there’s some great music and clothing combos been thrown around too.

Available on Netflix

Queer Eye

Watch if you like: Upliftingly fabulous fun

The 1960s had the Fab Four with The Beatles, now we’ve got the Fab Five – Tan France, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski and Karamo Brown aka the Queer Eye crew!

A decade after the original series, this modern-day reboot brings a feel-good factor to our screens, as the Fab Five offer advice to those in need of a lifestyle makeover. Be warned – watching this on a hangover may lead to tears during the final reveals!

Available on Netflix

Line of Duty

Watch if you like: A classic whodunnit!

This hit BBC drama has gone from strength to strength. Line of Duty follows the AC-12 anti-corruption unit, highlighting the police’s deep-rooted connections to the harsh underbelly of organised crime. Expect a plethora of plot twists and turns – we promise you’ll never be able to guess what happens next!

Available on BBC iPlayer

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Watch if you like: A superhero flick with a twist

Who’d have thought one of Marvel’s most interesting characters would be a dysfunctional alcoholic detective! PI Jessica Jones is a superhuman who had a brief stint as a hero, before the villainous Kilgrave (played by the loveable David Tennant) causes her to kill someone. When she hears Kilgrave has risen once again, Jones takes to the streets to defeat her nemesis. It’s not your classic Marvel watch, but it’s just as intriguing.

Available on Netflix

Black Mirror

Watch if you like: Not being able to sleep for days on end

This isn’t one for the faint-hearted. The brainchild of Charlie Brooker (a la Screenwipe fame), Black Mirror takes you on a journey through tales of how we live now, but in a different reality. Each bleakly gripping episode shows us dystopian futures where technology rules our lives, with plots that’ll leave your brain ticking over with the questions “but what if that actually happened?!” for an eternity. 

Available on Netflix

Peaky Blinders

Watch if you like: Gangsters, crime and turf wars

With series five set to hit our screens in late 2019, there’s no better time to throw yourself into Peaky Blinders. This Birmingham-based 1920s show is a million miles away from your classic period drama, with Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) leading the Peaky Blinders gang into action whenever necessary. Expect fights, deaths and all-round gangster-worthy behaviour.

Available on BBC iPlayer

After Life

Watching if you like: Anything by Ricky Gervais

Created, produced, directed and starring Ricky Gervais, After Life is a black comedy that’ll bring a tear to your eye for being both hilarious and gloomy. After his wife passes away, main character Tony (played by Gervais) takes it upon himself to seek revenge on the world for his death by doing and saying whatever he wants, when he wants, classing it as his very own ‘superpower’. However, it doesn’t quite work out as all those around him try to make him a better person! Series two is on its way, so be sure to catch up beforehand.

Available on Netflix

The best of the rest

We’ll give a few honourable mentions as well too:

  • Chernobyl ­– based on the real-life Ukrainian nuclear explosion (available on Now TV)
  • Good Omens – starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant, as the angel and the devil battle to stop the Armageddon (available on Amazon Prime)
  • The Tick – the world’s strangest superhero, based on the 1980s indie comic book series (available on Amazon Prime)
  • Westworld – HBO’s big-budget drama set in the future where the rich can live out their fantasies (available on Now TV)

With a list this big, you’ll never be short of things to watch on TV! Happy viewing!