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Replacing Christmas cheer in your home

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Christmas is officially over, we’re in the new year, all the mince pies have been eaten, the tree with its twinkly lights has gone and instead of spending time curled up with a woolly blanket watching old Hollywood movies, we have to get out of the house whilst it’s still dark in order to get to work.

The Christmas cheer has officially left most of us and most of us will be feeling more than just a little low. Yep, January is officially the worst month of the year.

This means we need to find ways and strategies to not only cope, but to try and make it all a little more positive. Whilst going back to a healthier diet will help our bodies to recover from overindulging, we need something for our souls, too.

So, let’s bring back a little bit of positive cheer, happiness and energy into our homes to make this bleakest time a little more bearable and possibly even enjoyable. Here are some tips which will hopefully help you.

Replace the Christmas tree

How is it that after a relatively short time of having a Christmas tree in our homes, the lack of it suddenly makes the space seem empty and bleak? Granted, if you’re already tight on space then you might be glad to see it go and reclaim that corner of your living room.

However, sometimes it’s the lack of that big green thing in the corner that suddenly makes us realise that there is space for something else and that this something should be another big green thing. So, fill up that space with a beautiful, large plant that will brighten up your home all year round.

Repaint a wall

I know, repainting your home will be the last thing you feel you have the energy for right now, so let’s not even go there. However, one single wall is easily done in a few hours - granted, if you live in a property the size of Downton Abbey it might take a little longer, in which case you could just ask your butler to do the painting - and the smell of fresh emulsion along with a bright, clean and fresh new colour will instantly lift your spirits.

Choose a colour that complements the other walls but has a cool undertone for a fresh look. Finish the wall off by changing frames or prints you’re displaying on it and you will feel like you’ve given your home a new start for the new year.

Scent your home for positive energy

You could buy some beautifully fragranced candles, but should ensure they’re made from vegetable wax like soy candles or they’re beeswax ones to keep your home healthy. Jasmine is a great scent to go for as its delicate floral scent will immediately lift your spirits and is said to aid love and friendship. If floral isn’t quite for you and you’re after something that will help promote positive thoughts and feelings even more, then try and burn some sage. Sage cleanses your living space and fills it with positive energy.

Declutter and rearrange

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re often left with clutter from the festive period. This could be unwanted presents from well-meaning relatives or all those small items we haven’t really tidied away because, well, it wasn’t really the right time for tidying up in a big way. January is the perfect time to evaluate which items we really need/love/want in our lives and to get rid of the ones we don’t.

I’m not talking about going all minimalist here, but simply about thinning out our possessions just a tiny bit. Those shelves that are full of small ornaments we can’t even remember buying, the books we will never read again, shoes we never wear…you get the idea. Even just one large bag of things dropped off at your local charity shop will make you feel more organised and positive about your home and as a bonus you’ll have that glowing feeling of having done something good by helping a charity make a little money.

Grow something

There’s something very rewarding about growing plants or food from scratch. I’m not about to send you into the freezing cold of your garden, but getting some hyacinth bulbs to grow in a pot, growing a little avocado plant from seed or some herbs on your window sill will help you look forward to things rather than looking back to what’s missing.

I hope these few tips will help you overcome the January blues and make you feel positive in your home despite the grey and gloomy weather.

Carole Poirot is a freelance photographer and stylist who lives and works in London. Originally from France, she has also lived in Germany and uses these influences to help inform her own style and advice. Her ideas are also published on her blog at