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Quirky kitchen gifts for Christmas 2015

Christmas bench gift

Buying Christmas presents for loved ones can be a seemingly impossible task.

“How do I find something for the person who has everything?” is a common question at this time of year.

However, there is no need to revert to socks, chocolates or a gift voucher this year. Our Christmas 2015 gift guide offers some suggestions for unique yet useful household gifts for your friends and family.

Star Wars Death Star cookie jar

Christmas 2015 will see the release of one of the most anticipated films of all time, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits cinemas. Understandably, a vast range of weird and wonderful merchandise has been created to coincide with the release, one of which is the glazed Death Star cookie jar.

For another Star Wars-themed present, why not opt for the R2-D2 kitchen timer, resembling everyone’s favourite droid (sorry, C-3PO).

Jenaluca herb scissors

For the budding cook who wants to chop herbs like a Michelin star chef, why not buy them these handy herb scissors from Jenaluca? With five sharp, finely balanced stainless steel blades, it makes short work of parsley, basil, rosemary and chive.

It can also be used with mushrooms, lettuce and onions, making it easy to add finely chopped ingredients directly into your casserole, stew or salad without having to get the chopping board dirty. Those who prefer to think outside the box could even purchase a second pair for use with arts and crafts or for shredding important documents.

Robert Welch cookbook and tablet stand

In the modern kitchen, many appliances have been replaced by hi-tech alternatives, from fridge-freezers to washing machines, and the cookbook is no exception. Now, millions of recipes can be stored in a single tablet, making the iPad a go-to kitchen accessory for aspiring cooks.

As such, Robert Welch has created a new kitchen tablet stand with an adjustable margin that can cater for tablets of different sizes by a variety of manufacturers. Thankfully, its sturdy stainless steel design means traditionalists can still use their large cookbooks, while the magnets included enable cooks to read from single sheet recipes.

Oak Bottle master infuser

A vintage wine can set you back hundreds of pounds, meaning it is a rare treat indeed. However, the Oak Bottle master infuser helps to give even the most inexpensive wine a fuller flavour and a touch of class.

Its unique design enables it to impart oak notes into a product within 48 hours, reducing a months-long process to just days. Furthermore, the infuser is not limited to wine, with unaged whiskey, gin and brandy all being able to benefit to give them a new edge.

Personalised cheeseboard

The cheeseboard is a staple of the festive food calendar, so what better way to treat a loved one by presenting them with their own personalised board. This vintage-inspired bespoke cheeseboard from can be engraved with a name and three lines of text to create a unique gift.

The cheeseboard also has two matching cheese knives and a two-prong fork included, which can be stored in a hidden compartment. If you’re intending on entertaining over Christmas, you could even purchase it as a gift for yourself, to add an extra wow factor for your guests.