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New build homes ‘save owners £629-a-year’

Energy savings9

New build homeowners could treat themselves to a free cup of coffee every working day of the year from the considerable savings they enjoy on energy bills, a report has found.

Buyers of new homes save an average of £52 per month – or £629-a-year – across their energy bills, according to the Home Builders Federation’s (HBF) report, ‘You’ve got the power’.

That’s enough to cover a cup of coffee on every working day of the year or pay for a new mobile phone and broadband contract. It could even buy a Premier League season ticket and seven away games.

Finance facts

According to the HBF, eight out of ten new builds have the top Energy Performance Certificate ratings of A or B. That’s compared with just 2.2 per cent of older properties.

That simple difference results in new homes consuming an average of 103 kWh/sqm of energy compared to 294 kWh/sqm which is the average for existing houses.

When it comes to heating, hot water and lighting bills, this means new build owners spend around £443.30 a year, compared to a whopping £1,072 for people in older homes.

Great to be green

These considerable savings come from the modern materials and designs that come as standard in many new build homes. This could range from better sealed doors and roof insulation to the use of cavity wall insulation which is six times more efficient than 1960s materials.

Inside the house itself, many new builds come equipped with modern appliances, like efficient fridges, LED lightbulbs and boilers which only heat water when it’s needed.

Stewart Baseley, HBF’s executive chairman, said: “With energy bills expected to increase further, households will continue to reap the financial rewards in the future allowing families to spend more of their money on the things they want instead of simply keeping warm.”

Smart homes

With homes becoming smarter, owners can save even more on their bills by monitoring their energy use and making small changes.

Modern technology means there is more and more connectivity between household appliances, many of which can be controlled remotely through the internet and smartphone apps.

Smart meters are a great example of this, as they remove the need for estimated bills and enable energy companies to offer consumers different prices at different times of the day.

That’s why Avant Homes is introducing smart energy into all its homes using Hive. Hive Active Heating technology means our homeowners can remotely control their heating without having to get an installer in themselves.

With all of these money-saving features in new build homes, the future’s not just bright – it’s energy efficient too.