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Make Your Radiators Blend in with Your Décor with these 5 tips


Despite being a necessity for keeping you and your house warm, radiators tend to be one of the more, let’s say, unaesthetically pleasing parts of your home’s décor.

They are known to clash with interior design and can be obstacles for modern decorators, so how do you make a radiator blend in with the style of your home?

Duncan Colman of Heat Traders has compiled his top tips to help you style or disguise your radiators.

Pick a radiator to fit your homes style and ethos

It’s important to carry your home’s personal style into your heating outlets too. If you have a minimalist and modern look, you need to make sure you mirror this with your radiators. Believe it or not, but this can become a statement piece in the home. I’d recommend using wall-mounted radiators which are super stylish and space saving. This style works well in almost every room of the house and can even fit to your rooms colour scheme.

Camouflage your radiator within the home

Disguising your radiator with a fresh new cover can be a more cost-effective way than redecorating any room to hide that heating panel. Not only that, but radiator covers can actually be a stunning feature adding both sophistication and function.

Repurpose your radiator for other household uses

Repurposing your radiator is something that most people often forget to consider. Your radiator doesn’t just have to be a device that provides heat, but can be multi-purpose such as warming up your towels, acting as a shelf or bench, or even a mirror.

Towel rails are a popular way of repurposing your radiator whilst making it stylish too.

Reskin your existing radiator and make a statement

Covering your radiators can block heat, and alternative option could be to reskin what you already have. This can be done by painting your radiator a new colour to either blend in with the walls or stand out and make a statement.

Put a sofa in front

If all the above options don’t really work for you, placing a sofa in front of the radiator is a cheap and easy solution. If you have a bright and bold sofa, it will be even easier to detract attention from your radiator.

Keeping heat in your home

Losing heat from your home can be a costly affair. There are a few small things you can do to make sure you don’t lose any valuable heat in the winter months:

  • Close any internal doors to keep the heat isolated to that room
  • Add thick curtains to your soft furnishings
  • Make sure you’ve got double glazing installed
  • Watch out for mini draughts, such as letter boxes and cat flaps
  • Make sure you set timers for your heating to come on in the morning