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Location, location, location: Coastal

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“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside,” or so the saying goes.

For many people, having a house by the sea is a lifelong aspiration, with the allure of coastal living simply too great to ignore.

For some, it is a desire formed in childhood on trips to the seaside with the family, where sun, sea and sand combine to create happy memories.

For others, there is something special about the air by the sea – the idea of a coastal walk and breathing in clean air that has rushed over an ocean to get to your lungs is simply irresistible.

In some cases, the unique smells and sounds of the coast are an attraction, with sea salt and even fish and chips being a constant reminder that life is good.

Scientific proof

For centuries, the prevailing thought has been that life by the sea is good for you, and that has been supported by recent studies, indicating that those who have a coastal home are actually healthier.

Research carried out by epidemiologist Lora Fleming from the University of Exeter involved a number of different factors, including asking participants to look at a variety of landscapes and being asked how much they would be willing to pay to stay in a room with each view - with the sea view coming top.

There is simply something intangible about living by the sea, according to study researcher and environmental psychologist Mathew White, who said the beach environment seems to be synonymous with relaxation.

The study authors also looked at census data in England to see how living near a coast affects people’s health, and discovered that those who lived closer to the coast were in better general health.

In some ways, moving to a coastal property was found to change people’s lives in a way that switching jobs can do, with a general reduction in overall stress.

The setting and terrain can also encourage physical activity, with seafronts and beaches that are begging to be walked on and across at all times of day and in all seasons.

Best of both worlds

Avant Homes’ Vista development is located in Whitburn on the north-east coast between Sunderland and South Shields and offers the very best in coastal living.

Its unique location on the coast but within easy reach of major urban areas means that it is ideally situated for those who like to combine the quiet life with hustle and bustle.

The village of Whitburn is an archetypal seaside town, with quaint cottages, beautiful shop fronts and a range of amenities that have an old world charm and provide locals and visitors alike with a true taste of English coastal life.

It also provides easy access to some of the North East’s major hotspots, with residents able to travel the short distance to Sunderland and take advantage of major shopping and leisure opportunities.

The Vista development itself is an outstanding collection of four- and five-bedroom properties that take home design to the next level and aim to provide homeowners with a house that complements the unique setting. 

Each Avant Homes property has been created with a specification based on what people have said they want in a home, including warm and welcoming family rooms, designer kitchens, boutique bathrooms and beautiful bedrooms, all with top of the range integrated appliances and stylish fittings throughout.

The specification is capped off with a truly outstanding view of the North Sea, which encapsulates everything that is great about life on the coast, in a property that is worthy of its envious setting.

Find out more about the exclusive selection of properties at Avant Homes’ Vista development here and discover what life in Whitburn is like with our new local area video.


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