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Location, location, location: The city

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The idea of city living is hugely appealing to many, with millennials increasingly being drawn in to the ideal, and as such there are plenty of cities now vying for attention from homebuyers.

There is something truly unique about being a stone’s throw from true urban life and having a thousand different conversations going on, rows of cafes and restaurants, and the very best leisure and retail opportunities right on your doorstep.

Everything on the doorstep

Another major allure for city dwellers is the favourable commute, with the excellent transport links in urban centres making it easy to get to and from work and removing the need to drive for an hour or more twice a day.

There is also evidence to suggest that living in the city can have a significant effect on mental health, as frequent interaction with other people helps to sharpen the brain’s reflexes and makes us more responsive.

City living also breeds politeness, according to another study, which indicates that civility is highest in bustling metropolises where we see hundreds of faces each day.

Jane Jacobs, author of In The Death and Life of Great American Cities, says the average urban street can be viewed as a ballet, with individual dancers and ensembles that all have distinctive parts, yet help to reinforce each other to form an orderly whole.

This, combined with a vast array of amenities and recreational opportunities in cities, means that there is never a dull moment, although for some home buyers there is simply not enough space in urban properties to warrant a purchase, with a compromise needing to be made between size and location.

For families, it can prove particularly difficult, as educational, leisure and transport facilities are paramount, but a compromise does not have to be made.

Best of both worlds

Avant Homes’ Richmond Gate development is within 10 minutes of Glasgow city centre, one of the UK’s most vibrant urban hubs.

Combining a rich and storied past with a wealth of events and activities, Glasgow has rapidly established itself as a cultural mecca, attracting some of the world’s premier artists, designers and businesses, as well as being home to a major international airport.

Richmond Gate is in Oatlands, a residential neighbourhood with excellent transport links to the city centre, which also contains its own major amenities, including a shopping complex, library, and learning centre.

The development helps to create a mini urban centre, with the added bonus of having Glasgow and its many attractions just a short journey down the road.

The size of the development means that all tastes and requirements can be catered for, with the properties ranging from one and two bedroom apartments to two, three and four-bedroom homes.

The amount of space in each property marries the requirements for both features and living room, with everything from the bathroom to the living areas has benefits such as hidden storage, full-height Porcelanosa tiling and luxurious fittings throughout.

With an outstanding array of new homes in close proximity to a raft of leisure opportunities and amenities, Avant Homes’ Richmond Gate development challenges the convention of city living and proves that you can have the best of both worlds.

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