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7 household jobs you need to do before the clocks go back


When the clocks go back, you know autumn and winter are here!

This year, time will fall back an hour on Sunday, October 27, so as the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop, we all need to make sure our homes are prepared and ready – inside and out. To give you a helping hand, Avant Life has looked at the seven autumn jobs you need to get done before the clocks go back so you can enjoy the cosy nights in that little bit more over the coming months.

Packing away those summer garms

It’s time to let go of those lasting memories of summer and stop wearing shorts, flip-flops and those outlandish tropical shirts! Get those summer outfits out of sight and out of mind before we hit autumn and winter.

Investing in a few vacuum storage bags is an easy way to fit more into less – you pack all your items into the bag, zip-lock it shut and use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out. A great space-saver, this will allow you to keep your summer clothes clean and out of the way ready for next year.

Prune your plants

After a summer of revelling in the botanic beauty of your back garden, make sure you give your plants, bushes and trees a much-needed trim before the clocks go back. In the high winds, rain and snow that autumn and winter can potentially bring comes the risk of damage caused by over-grown branches in your garden, so be safe rather than sorry and cut them back.

Check your outdoor lighting 

There’s nothing better than seeing your garden illuminated in the frost and mist the colder months bring, so test all the bulbs and plugs on your outdoor lighting before the clocks go back. Be sure to set all your timers correctly so your lights come on at the right time, and if you’ve got security lights, double check the sensors on them are still working.

Compare your gas and electric

And following nicely on from your radiators is making sure you’ve got the best energy deals possible. With the darker, colder months comes the need to have the lights and heating on more – which might come at a cost, especially if you’ve got a poor energy deal. It might seem a bit of an arduous task to up sticks and change provider, but using comparison websites such as uSwitch and Compare The Market make it one of your easier autumn jobs.

Give your drains a quick check

It might not be the most glamorous of tasks, but giving your outdoors drains a quick once over before the clocks go back is a must-do autumn job. All you need to do is find where the drain pipe from your roof goes (usually one at the front and one at the back), lift the small cover up and check for any leaves or debris which would potentially cause a blockage. If it’s a wet winter, you’ll thanks us!

Spruce up your garden furniture

Unless you’re a BBQ fanatic, it’s unlikely you’ll be using your garden furniture and barbecue grill over autumn and winter. But be proactive when packing it all away – make sure it’s been cleaned, recoated in protective sealant and (in the case where that one drunk guest broke a garden chair) repaired before you put them away, rather than when you get them back out in spring 2020.  

Deep clean before the chaos of party season!

Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve – there’s a lot of events going on in the run up to the end of the year! But don’t feel the pre-party stress of cleaning every single nook and cranny of your home. Ahead of autumn, get all the family involved for a complete cleanse to make sure your home is spotless way before your guests are coming – it’s like a spring clean, but in the wrong season!