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Instagram’s most tagged interior design trends revealed

Insta trends2

From what we eat, to what we wear and where we go on holiday, Instagram plays a huge role in influencing our day-to-day decisions.

But with the ability to share stunning photography, the platform has also become the go-to place for all-things interiors, with users sharing their décor styles to showcase the best of their homes. And the easiest way to find all these inspiring snaps is through searching for the specific hashtags you’re interested in.

To showcase which trends we’ve been searching the most since Instagram’s inception in 2010, Art Windows & Doors has created a visual to show the best of the best, and offered insights into the top five.

5. Minimalist design

This is all about taking a less is more approach to décor. It’s about combining a natural wall base (often white or grey) with neutral flooring to allow your furnishings to stand out and give the sense of extra space. Yet this doesn’t mean a basic style choice. Minimalist design encourages statement pieces of furniture or exuberant wall features to add character to a space. 

4. Eclectic décor

An eclectic interior mixes textures, time periods, styles, trends and colours. If you don’t feel one style choice is for you, an eclectic décor will be right up your street. There is a uniqueness and beauty in creating an interior that is completely individual to you, through modern and vintage complementing each other.

3. Vintage décor

Warm, cosy and often elegant, a vintage interior is ideal for those who love all-things antique and retro. You’ll often see wood, marble and mirrors partnered alongside ceramics and glass within this décor. It’s a style that lets you collect historic and timeless pieces that create an individual design blueprint in your living space.

2. Scandinavian design

It’s all about simplicity, wooden floors, white walls and modern furniture that’s multi-functional when it comes to Scandinavian design.A raw wood coffee table, industrial metal pendant lamp, and a metallic piece, such as a heavy gold clock, are a must to accent your interior, and if you’re looking for cost-effective Scandinavian design, IKEA is the perfect place to visit.

1. Industrial design

Taking the top spot for tagged interior trends, industrial interiors is all about raw materials. Think open loft spaces with exposed brick, metal and concrete and introduce those ideas into your home – remember, exposed pipes don’t have to be a housing fixture! Industrial design encourages an open layout, neutral colour palette and accessories such as vintage items or metal light fixtures.

Other top tagged trends included:

  • Asian décor
  • Art deco design
  • French interiors
  • Mid-century modern design
  • Country interiors
  • Transitional interior
  • Bohemian interior
  • Shabby chic interior
  • Nautical décor