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How to use yellow in your home


What better way to be inspired by the great outdoors, than bringing a bit of that warmth and cheer into your home, by way of the happiest colour of the spectrum – yellow?

In colour psychology, yellow represents positivity, happiness and optimism, but it can sometimes be difficult to work with when using it in your decorating. Depending on the mood you want to create, yellow can be both calming and comforting as well as energising and vibrant.

But which variations are best to use in your own home? Our tips today will provide the guidance you need to add this favourite summertime shade to your home confidence.

Where to use yellow in your home

Yellow is a great shade to use anywhere you want to instil a feeling of joy and energy. From brightening up a darker hallway, to creating a cheery kitchen, or a bold children’s playroom, yellow can make your space a happier place to be.

You may wish to avoid using large amounts of the colour in spaces where relaxation is key. If you’re hoping to create a calming bedroom or a spa-like bathroom feel, it may be too high energy to really relax. A home office is another area you may want to use it in moderation – enough to get creativity flowing but not so much that it increases stress.

What colours match with yellow?

Whenever you are looking at matching colours, one of the best places to start is the simple colour wheel. Yellow’s opposite is blue so shades of blue will almost always create a bold contrast with yellow. Try teaming a velvet yellow sofa with deep teal walls for a decadent living room.

Of course, using variations of shades and tones of yellow will make it easier to mix and match if you don’t want to create a room using bold energetic primary shades. Consider a soft butter yellow paired with other pastel shades, like pale turquoise or blush pink for a softer mix in a kitchen or dining room.

Yellow also works well with tonal shades. Consider warmer shades of yellow alongside natural textures like wood, rusty orange shades or pops of berry red for a space that comforts rather than excites.

The trendiest shade of yellow for decorating

Mustard yellow has been a big trend in interiors for the last few years and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. With 70s style making waves in both fashion and interior design, consider bringing in the warmest incarnation of yellow alongside woven rattan, chunky textural cushions, shaggy rugs and lots of plants for a bit of boho in your home.

Using yellow as an accent

Of course, one of the easiest ways to bring in a new colour into your home is by way of accents. Consider adding some yellow cushions to your sofa, artwork where yellow is a predominant or secondary colour, or hanging bold mustard curtains in your dining room.

With just a few accessories in this fun shade, it’s easy to bring yellow into your interior design. Whether your base colours are soft and neutral or you prefer a bright, zingy interior, you’re sure to find a shade of yellow that suits you and your home.


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