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How to style your drinks trolley

If you like to entertain, there’s one piece of furniture that’s a must-have – a drinks trolley.

Whether it’s an art-deco inspired trolley or something more aligned to the Scandinavian chic style, a drinks trolley is the perfect way to bring a feature to your home that not only looks good, but is also practical!

To help you on your bar cart adventure, we’ve offered a few top tips on how to style your drinks trolley.

Choosing the right trolley

The first step: getting the right drinks trolley for your needs. This isn’t just a one solution fits all piece of furnishing, as there are a whole host of trolleys available ranging in style, shape, size, materials and movability to suit your needs and décor.

As a solid entry point into the world of bar carts, a simple serving trolley is a safe bet thanks to its versatility and practicality.

Other choices depended solely on your interior style – for a touch of modern-day opulence, the iconic drinks globe with a modern wooden frame is ideal, whereas the OMARA from brings a more futurist design and is perfect for a Scandi-inspired décor.

Metallic drinks trollies tend to be a popular choice too, ranging from an antique appeal to the more industrial-styled.

Gorgeous glassware and essential accessories

Once you’ve chosen the right drinks trolley for your space, it’s time to get the right glasses. You’ve got to remember the variety of drinks your guests might want – beer, prosecco, whiskey and cocktails should all be ideally served in different glasses to really make them taste and look the part.

For your beer-drinking guests, have a selection of pint glasses and schooners (a two-thirds of a pint) so they aren’t left sipping out of a bottle or a can. Be sure to get both wine and champagne glasses – there’s nothing worse than being forced to drink fizz out of a glass that isn’t tall! Martini glasses and daquiri-style glasses will suffice when it comes to your cocktail cups.

To make sure you’re a real mixologist, having a full cocktail making kit is a must. We’re talking a cocktail shaker with a cap, a strainer, ice tongs, a mixer stick and a 2-in-1 bottle/cork opener – you need to be prepared for all drink requests! Having a champagne bucket will let you celebrate in style and will also double up as a great way to store your ice too.

All the gear, and an idea!

You’ve got all the ingredients, tools for the job and stylish glassware – but do you know what you’re doing with them all?

Don’t be the clueless host or hostess who just pours out a drink without any imagination or innovation. To truly wow your guests, you need to have the know-how on mixology so invest in a cocktail recipe book. From an espresso martini to a Long Island ice tea, make sure your drinks trolley is armed with the recipes to concoct any requests.

Here are a few simple cocktail recipe videos that we love to get you started:

Espresso martini 

Pina colada

Tom Collins

To really bring your drinks trolley to life, add a few decorative features and make it fit into the interior style of your home. One item that will illuminate (pardon the pun) your bar cart is through statement lighting. Whether you opt for a simple set of fairy lights, an art deco-inspired lamp or something grander like an over-hanging chandelier, lighting is the easiest way to accentuate your trolley.

Embrace bold botanics on your drinks trolley to add a few subtle or bright pops of colour, whereas vases and ornaments can also add that final edge of style.