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How to maximise space in your bedroom

The Roseburys luxurious master bedroom with ensuite

The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, and even longer in their bedroom, so it is important that the room is as spacious and comfortable as possible.

All Avant Homes properties feature spacious bedrooms with integrated wardrobes, but to really maximise the space there are a few hints and tips that can make the room look even bigger and more welcoming.

Don’t worry about wardrobes

All master bedrooms in Avant Homes properties have fitted wardrobes with sliding doors. This removes a significant amount of hassle, not only when transporting and rebuilding wardrobes from a former property, but also when it comes to maximising the room available, as there are no wasted spaces. If you are transporting or buying wardrobes for the other bedrooms, be sure to carefully measure the space the furniture will be occupying and try to minimise the gap between the ceiling and the top of the wardrobe to ensure there is little to no redundant space.

Shelving is your friend

Shelving can come in particularly handy if you have lots of ornaments, photo frames or books that are too nice to be stored away. Think strategically about where you will locate them, as they need to be conspicuous enough to not be a hindrance when navigating the room, but also predominant enough to showcase the objects upon them. Corner shelving can also come in handy for filling up unused space.

Let there be light

There is no substitute for natural light, so allow as much of it as possible to flood into the room during the day. If you have light-coloured furnishing it will reflect the light and cast everything in a warm hue, particularly later in the day when the sun begins to set, creating a real perception of depth in the room.

Use mirrors wisely

Although it can be tempting to cover your room in mirrors to create an additional sense of depth, going overboard can make it look like a barber shop. Instead, locate mirrors strategically so that corners and wide spaces are reflected, which will help to increase sight lines and maximise the space available.

Use paint to your advantage

Painting a room a specific way can have a significant effect on your perception of its size. A light wall and dark ceiling shrinks the space, as your eye can immediately detect its size. By using the same paint on the walls and ceilings, a seamless transition is created that helps to blend them together.

Choose the right bed

Although a huge four-poster bed can look fantastic, it also takes up a significant amount of space in a bedroom. When investing in a new bed, think about how large the frame is in relation to the mattress; ie. the actual space you will be occupying when asleep. If it is much bigger, you are wasting valuable room. Another option is to invest in a divan bed with storage underneath, which could contain anything from bed linen to winter clothing and provide an additional space-saving solution.

Multi-functional items

Bedroom furniture does not have to serve a single purpose, with something like an ottoman being useful as both a seat and a storage solution. Sofa beds provide similar multifunctionality, while a chest of drawers can make an excellent TV stand, providing it is sturdy enough.

Colour code

By colour coding your furnishings and décor, you can turn a potential hive of clutter into a streamlined display. Much the same as painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls can be beneficial, locating similarly coloured items close to each other can prevent them from standing out and being jarring to look at.

Choose a different room

If your new house has plenty of rooms, you do not have to settle in one bedroom for the duration of your residency. Two rooms with similar cubic footage but different dimensions can look vastly different with the same furniture in. Try relocating items and you may be surprised how much extra space you appear to have with the bed, drawers and other furniture in a different room.