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Tequila tequila! Celebrate National Tequila Day with a margarita


For many, tequila is associated with the nasty shots done at the end of a boozy night out, giving it a bit of a bad rep as a ‘party drink’.

But this reputation is unfair, as when tequila is done properly, it’s a fantastic drink! So much so it’s even got its own national day, celebrated on July 24. The classic way to serve tequila is in a margarita, so channel your inner mixologist a shake up a delicious cocktail this National Tequila Day!

Here’s how to make a margarita cocktail

Whether you opt for a frozen or classic margarita, the ingredients you need are exactly the same. The only difference is that one is served straight up (classic) and the other is blended with ice.


  • 50ml of tequila
  • 25ml of Triple sec
  • 25ml of lime juice
  • Ice
  • Salt, for the rim of the glass.

Classic margarita

1. Add the ice to a cocktail shaker, and top up with the tequila, Triple sec and lime juice.

2. Give it a good shake

3. Strain into a salt-rimmed glass

Frozen Margarita

1. Add tequila, Triple sec and lime juice to a blender with a couple of handfuls of ice

2. Blitz until the mix is smooth

3. Serve in a salt-rimmed glass.

It really is that easy to make this delicious drink. Frozen margaritas are super refreshing on a hot day, and look seriously impressive when you make them for your friends. As tasty as both of these drinks are, they pack a mighty punch so take care and drink responsibly!