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How to get kids interested in gardening

Kids gardening2

There are certain things we all want for our kids. We want them to be happy, creative, to eat well and to be healthy and to keep learning. There is nowhere better to do this than out in the garden.

In my experience, kids may groan and moan a bit when you try to get them off screens and outdoors but once outside their natural curiosity is piqued and they just love it. Gardening ticks so many boxes for kids.

What kids will love about gardening

Here are just some of the reasons why kids will love gardening – in reality, the list could go on and on!


Giving a child their own patch of soil or window box (depending on your space) will absolutely delight them. From planting seeds, watering, digging soil and popping in plug plants, kids will adore doing as much as they can themselves. It is quite hard to go wrong with basic gardening, so you really can just let them get stuck in with most of it. 

Try and take a hands-off approach as much as possible, show them a few times what to do then give them space to have a go and make their little plot their own


Gardening may not sound the most exciting activity to your child straight away, but it is full of fabulous opportunities to explore. They will be fascinated by snail trails and sprouting potatoes, they will want to make bird feeders and watch the tomatoes and pumpkins they have grown change colours. Gardens are living science experiments and once absorbed, your kids will be hooked!


Growing flowers, fruit and veg is an effort, so your child will need to consistently water and watch over their little plot and at first, they made need prompts and a little encouraging.  But, like all gardeners, the pride they will have in their creations will be just HUGE and they will soon realise their efforts have been totally worthwhile. Gardening is a truly healthy addiction!

Simple projects to get them started

Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated and small, simple projects are the best way to get kids started.

Pizza planting

Children can grow vegetables and herbs in the smallest patch of earth or pot and it’s a good idea to get them stated growing something they love to eat.

How about a range of pizza toppings? Tomatoes, peppers, basil and oregano are all easy to grow and kids will have so much fun making their own pizzas with their home-grown toppings later down the line.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas can be grown from seeds or plug plants and once they start flowering, they go on and on.  They are fragrant and pretty, and kids will be rewarded with bunches to pick and give away almost daily through the flowering season. A really rewarding flower to grow.

Garden crafting

From building a bug hotel to designing a paper plate butterfly feeder there are so many garden crafts that will benefit the garden and keep kids entertained, Flower pressing, bark rubbing, painting stones and even making paint brushes out of flower heads are all great fun. And a good use of free, natural, play resources.

The many benefits of gardening

So, as you can see gardening is a brilliant way to encourage our kids to enjoy the outdoors, get some physical exercise and a healthy dose of fresh air.

The garden is a great place for them to learn about nature and to learn to grow their own food. It is a hobby that can develop into a lifelong interest that will keep kids healthy and curious throughout their lives.