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Six tips to declutter your wardrobe

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Let’s face it, everyone’s wardrobe could do with a bit of a clear out!

From clothes you bought in the last millennium, to those pieces you just can’t force yourself part with, our wardrobes can become a bit of battlefield for trying to find something to wear!

To give you a helping hand with the battle against your unwanted and untidy clothes, we’ve offered our top six tips on how to declutter your wardrobe.

Empty everything out

The best way to take stock over everything you own? Take it all out!

Before you can really get going with your declutter, there needs to be a physical representation of how much stuff you actually have, so you know what you’ve got to play with. You’ll more than likely be surprised at the amount of clothes you have – and be shocked at some of the items you haven’t already parted with! 

Keep, Sell, Donate

The key to decluttering your wardrobe is to make sure you don’t throw anything away – waste not, want not! Create three separate piles – items you’re going to keep, ones you’re going to sell and items which you can donate to charity.

When it comes to selling, there’s a whole load of places you can do it. From Facebook Marketplace and ebay to new selling apps such as Depop, you’ll always be able to find someone who wants your no-longer wants! For items you take to the charity shop, make sure you get a tax relief card, allowing the charity to claim money back on tax when selling your items.

Be ruthless!

For a total decluttering of your wardrobe space, you have to be merciless with your clothes! Make sure you give every piece of clothing the one over and decided whether or not you’ll keep it – a good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it for a year, will you really wear it again. 

Are you really going to wear that free t-shirt you got from the pub during the 2006 World Cup again? Or will you give that jacket which should have probably stayed in the 90s another run out? Probably not, so don’t be afraid to have a proper purge and don’t feel guilty for getting rid! 

Organise by seasons

Once you’ve gutted out all your unwanted items, it’s time to get organising the clothes you’re keeping. There are certain items you’re only going to wear at specific times of the year, so keep these looks organised by season. This way, you won’t have an ungodly mess of swimming shorts and sunglasses mixed in with ski jackets and woolly winter warmers!

Categorise and coordinate

When hanging your clothes, keep all the similar items together – for example, make sure all your shirts are together. Then create a ‘running order’ of where everything goes collectively, based on the item itself and the occasion.  A tip would be to keep your formal wear (such as suits and smart dresses) at one end, as you’ll need to use these least and they’ll be more out of the way.

Be clever with your storage

The last step in how to declutter your wardrobe is to look at how you’re storing your clothes. Firstly, your hangers – we’ve all got a mix of hangers we’ve collected over the years, some that are now holding garms they were never intended for! Invest in some non-slip coat hangers for your clothes and you’ll never be at the risk of something slipping off into the abyss!

Other storage to consider is boxes or baskets to put your items in, such as shoes or bags to keep them separated and tidy. For your bits and bobs that you won’t regularly use, investing in some vacuum storage bags can really help save that little bit extra of space in your wardrobe!


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