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Brew-tea-ful! How to Create Your Own Coffee Bar Station

Coffee Bar2

Caffeine fiends, this one’s for you.

If drinking coffee is when you’re happiest, then espresso-yourself by creating your very own coffee bar station! In just five easy steps you could have the DIY coffee bar of your dreams – that’s if you manage to get to sleep after all those cups of fresh brew.

Step 1. The groundwork

Before you start buying every mug and gadget that screams ‘buy me, I make coffee look good!’, first think about what you want out of your coffee bar station. Do you want it to be movable? How big do you need it to be? Do you want it to be versatile so you can make other drinks too? Having this clear in your mind will ensure you get the right tools for the job.

Keep in mind if you’re using a machine or kettle, you’re going to want to position your coffee bar near a power socket. 

Step 2. Choosing right base

While you could go completely DIY and pull out the tool kit to build one from scratch, the easier option is buying a trolley or kitchen island. Stores such as IKEA have some to suit all budgets and style, or better yet, head to your local charity store or car boot sale to find a gem to transform into the coffee bar station of your dreams. Small bookshelves and cabinets are effective for more storage options and give a rustic feel, or use metal bases for an industrial, minimalist look.

Step 3.  Get organised!

Just like your kitchen bench top, the last thing you want is clutter. Wall shelves and mug shelves come in handy to hang coffee mugs, whilst also giving extra space for jars, plants or art.

Since a shelf is fixed to the wall, this is best suited to stationary coffee bar stations – unless you don’t mind a walk to the coffee mugs! For trolleys you’d like to take from room to room when guests are over, you could go for things like attachable hooks or mug trees. 

Step 4. Have the right gear

Choose your weapons! Shopaholics will love this step. Whether it be a kettle and cafetiere or a coffee machine, pick the tools that make your perfect brew. Options like stackable mugs are space-savers, while unique cafetieres add a touch of elegance. If you’re going all out, milk frothers will make you feel like you’re truly running an in-home café!

Don’t forget about the little things too – teaspoons, a sugar pot, and for that sweet tooth, a biscuit tin, are all little touches that eliminate the need to be going back into the kitchen for supplies.

Step 5. Make it brew-tea-ful

Finishing touches are what make your coffee bar station feel like an escape from everyday life and an added ‘zone’ to your home. Plenty of online stores such as Etsy have a range of art to suit every personality, or if you want to take your DIY project to the next level, hop on Canva and create your own artwork using its handy templates. All you’ll need is a printer and frame and voilà, you have yourself a unique piece to spruce up your new coffee haven.

Coffee time

Ta-da! If you take it step by step, you’ll have your very own coffee bar station to suit your unique style, personality and needs in no time. It really is that easy, and with so many options for different budgets, you’ll be sitting back sipping on a fresh latte in no time.  


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