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How to create the perfect dressing table

Dressing Table2

A dressing table is the ultimate indulgence. A spot where you can ‘put your face on’ or pamper yourself in relative privacy – rather than fight for space in front of the bathroom mirror with the rest of the family.

I’ve had a small dressing table in my home for a few years now and can vouch for the positive effect it has on one’s wellbeing. I start and end my day here – whether it’s just for a few minutes to make sure my lippy is intact before running out the door or lingering for a little longer, spoiling myself at the weekend or spending a little extra time for a special night out.

If you are considering a dressing table for your own home, here are my top tips for making the most of what will become your favourite sanctuary.

Where to put a dressing table

The most natural spot for a dressing table is in your bedroom or anywhere you’ll have easy access to your wardrobe, accessories and jewellery. Natural light is always best so consider tucking a small table near a window to maximise the light for applying makeup. If this isn’t possible, place the table across from a window with a large mirror to reflect the light behind you back on your face.

Styling your dressing table

Shabby chic, contemporary, French, glam or Mid-Century? There are so many different styles of tables you can choose from so take cues from the rest of your home to decide on the style you love best. Curvy shapes echo a more feminine vibe but darker rustic styles can provide a great contrast too. Just bear in mind your table should be large enough so that you can store some of your everyday items on top and those you use only occasionally in drawers.

Your perfect dressing table seat

A comfy seat is a must at a dressing table whether it takes you moments to get ready or a few hours! Consider something with a padded or cushioned seat for the most luxurious finish or a small bench or stool that tucks away neatly under your dressing table when it isn’t in use.

Dressing table storage

For the top of your dressing table, you’ll want plenty of storage options for any makeup, creams or beauty products you use each day. I’m a big fan of acrylic and glass storage as it’s easy to see what’s inside each section at a glance rather than searching for 10 minutes for a favourite lippy when I’m already running late! Get organised by storing your most reached-for items together or group items by type.

Dressing table lighting

Great lighting is integral to a dressing table. Avoid harsh lighting from either above or below which can cause shadows. Hollywood style bulbs are a great option when natural light isn’t available which provides a more evenly distributed light and a flattering look overall.

Dressing table mirror

Of course, your dressing table isn’t complete without a great mirror and while bigger is normally better for checking out your outfit, you’ll want something smaller as well for close-up product application. Choose a small or hand-held mirror that you can move closer to your face easily in a style that works well with the overall look.

Dressing table décor

And finally, you’ll want to add some homey accents to your dressing table and bring your personality to it as well. Jewellery boxes or ring storage, perfume bottles on a tray or catch-all trinket dishes for your everyday pieces will create a curated space that will become a lovely focal point for your room. Finish off the décor with a beautifully scented candle and a posy of flowers to create a space that’s truly special.



Source: Swoon Worthy