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Design your own décor with this mood board guide from HAUS Interiors

Mood board2

I often get asked “where do I start?” when it comes to designing your new home. I am told that the process can seem overwhelming, but when broken down, this can be much less stressful. I will offer some tips and advice, by breaking down a simple design process which will get you on your way.

I have created a short video of this quick process, which I hope inspires you to get planning your new home! 


Here’s how to create a mood board 

  1. Print off the plans to your new house and add measurements if they’re not already on there. It is important to reference these throughout

  2. Choose some of your favourite old and new interior magazines. Flick through and find your favourite inspirational images, cutting them out as you go. This will give you direction and whittle out what you really do and don’t like

  3. Lay your favourite inspirational magazine images out, putting them in to rooms. This is a great base for building up your design 

  4. Using the colours you have been inspired by, order samples of fabrics and wallpapers you think will work in this scheme. Don’t be so restrictive when doing this, you may be pleasantly surprised by what the post man delivers – remember things look different online!

  5. Now you can start layering and working up each room. Don’t stick anything down, move things around and the scheme will start to fall in to place

  6. Get your hands on some homeware catalogues, or print off items of furniture you feel inspired by. This is where you can become slightly more direct with your design. Remember, this is going to be a guide to creating your interior, so go wild, you can shop around after

  7. Lay the images of your furniture and accessories out, again these can be moved around and you will find that the scheme grows organically during this process

  8. Once you are happy with your scheme, stick the parts you are certain with down. Refer to this mood board whenever you buy anything for your home. If you have this clear direction, you will find your interior flows and you will end up with something you truly love. 


Top tips for creating a mood board 

When choosing anything for the home make sure you tick the following boxes: 

  • Will it fit properly? Don’t settle for something that is going to be too big, or too small. The right size will come up eventually

  • Does it work with the scheme? Remember that mood board you carefully put together and fell in love with? Be fluid with your decisions, but always reference the mood board

  • Is it ergonomic? Does it do the job properly (e.g. does it have enough drawers)? Is that desk deep enough? You will quickly fall out of love with it if it doesn’t work around your lifestyle

  • My final tip is – be patient. Creating your dream home takes time, but I can promise you one thing, it will be worth it!