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How to create a luxury bathroom retreat

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With a world moving as fast as it does around us, the need for relaxation, retreat and self-care is more important than ever.

But you certainly don’t have to book a plane ticket to achieve a few moments of blissful peace.

Your bathroom can be the perfect retreat from the outside world (or busy family life!) with a few simple tips and updates for creating the perfect luxury retreat right inside your home.

Bring in light

If you have natural light in your bathroom, make sure you maximise it. This is no place for curtains so make sure whatever you use allows in as much natural light as possible to create a bright and airy space.

With simple blinds or shutters, you can control how much privacy you get or consider leaving the windows bare if you’re not overlooked. You can also get window film that will provide privacy but still allow the sunshine in.

Invest wisely

While you can save money on things like simple tiles or standard white goods, consider upping the luxury factor with taps and hardware which you will be interacting with multiple times on a daily basis.

While chrome finishes will never go out of style, consider the newer ranges of finishes coming in – from matt black, which will add a sleek Scandi feel, to warm bronze and brushed brass, which will give your bathroom a luxurious finish.

Don’t forget storage

There’s nothing more disappointing than completing your beautiful bathroom only for it to be filled with clutter within days. Prepare for the inevitable with built in storage wherever you can fit it. From baskets for open shelves to clever built-in laundry baskets and recessed shelving in the shower, be sure to plan for the normal everyday clutter to hide it out of sight.

Bring in comfort

If you’re going for a retreat-like feel in your bathroom space, be sure to incorporate items like a chair or stool alongside things like fluffy high-quality bath towels to wrap yourself up and a soft bath matt to step onto.

If you have the space, consider a deep free-standing bathtub for the ultimate luxury retreat addition. Even without a freestanding bath, accessories like a wood bath caddy will make a relaxing addition to your tub, allowing you to set down a wine glass or your favourite book while you soak.

Welcome the outside in

With the bathroom normally having a higher humidity level than the rest of your home, there’s no better place than to bring in a few leafy plants. Dot a few smaller specimens along a windowsill or hang trailing plants from your ceiling to create an oasis of tropical calm.

Add in your luxury products and accessories

From your favourite shampoo to beautiful bath salts, natural sponges, and coordinated dispensers and tumblers, it’s the details that make the difference. Consider corralling items with pretty packaging on a small tray with fresh flowers to give it a spa-like finish.

Want to take it up a notch? Decant your standard shampoos, conditions and body washes into amber glass pump bottles to reduce the clutter in your bath or shower too for the ultimate luxury retreat feel.


Image sources: Dunelm / Waters Bath of Ashbourne


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