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How to create a California boho look in your home

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Whilst our weather may not have felt particularly Californian recently, our interiors are being heavily influenced by the relaxed desert style of the Golden State.

The California boho look is a neutral calming one, a combination of pale colours, natural textures and a hint of bohemian relaxation.

If you’re keen to get this look in your own home, our post today will guide you through the elements you need for your home to be California cool in no time.

Natural fabrics

This look favours organic pieces so stick with neutral, natural fabrics like linen and cotton to create an airy look. Layering textures in your sofa, curtains and cushions will ensure a look that’s clean but inviting. Think rumbled linen bedding, or layers of pure-washed cotton sheets and slip-covered sofas in neutral tones like wheat, taupe or ivory.

At the windows, choose soft lightweight fabrics that will filter the sunlight to maximise the natural light in a room, and keep the colours natural and soft in pale shades.

Organic forms and handmade pieces

The California boho look is one that celebrates the hand of the maker, evident in everything from natural woven baskets and rattan furniture to hand-formed pottery.

Look out for pieces that have a more organic, imperfect form and those created by smaller independent makers. Irregular shaped bowls and plates and simple glazed ceramic vases will add an additional textural element to your home.

Natural oiled wood works well here too and items like wooden bowls and utensils will create a warm and welcoming look to decorate kitchen shelves or dining room displays.

Less is more

While your typical bohemian style can be a masterclass in maximalism, the Californian interpretation is much less cluttered, preferring plenty of negative space for the eye to rest.

While we may not have those large uninterrupted expanses of space here in the UK, you can be inspired by the feeling of wide-open spaces by being careful not to over clutter your rooms. Be mindful of choosing pieces that are right for the space and allowing them plenty of room to breathe.

Bring pattern to the floor

While the California bohemian look relies on a more minimalist approach, don’t be afraid to bring a touch of pattern or colour to your flooring. Vintage rugs can be used to add an element of history to your room and Moroccan rugs or Turkish kilims will add additional texture.

Look out for larger rugs to zone spaces or consider a few smaller layered rugs to add interest and warmth to hard flooring.

Bring the outside in

Finally, be sure to add plenty of house plants as a finishing touch to this look. The 70s bohemian style incorporated lots of greenery and is part of the warmth and charm of the style today as well. Not only do they clean the air, but studies have also concluded they lower our stress levels too, perfect for this relaxed calm look.

To bring home that inspired desert feel, look out for plants like succulents and cacti. Go large with rubber trees or a fiddle leaf fig and hang trailing varieties such as, string of hearts or string of pearls.


Image sources: Norsu Interiors



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