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How to create a bright and cosy living room

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September is always a transitional month in the year: a new school year for many of us marks the start of change and opportunities ahead and even into our adult lives, that feeling stays with us.

It’s a great time of year to give our homes a bit of a new look. But as we’re still hanging on to some of the warmer weather and we’re not quite into the coldest months of the year, you may be wondering how to capture the brightness of the summer and combine that with the cosiness yet to come.

Decorating for transitional months between the seasons can be challenging but today, I’m sharing how easy it is to create a living room that is both light and bright, as well as warm and cosy.

Embrace Textiles in Pale Shades

From white to pale grey or warm taupe to the softest pale blues, greens and blush pink, you can bring that summer feeling into autumn by choosing cosy throws, rugs, curtains or cushions in the lightest colours which will retain that sunshine-y feel into the colder months.

When the sun is shining, these colours light up a room but even as the cooler weather hits, they’ll still give you that cosy feeling and allow you to snuggle up.

Bring the Outdoors In

As our houseplants tend to thrive during the warmer months, make sure you continue to look after them even as the cooler weather sets in. Some plants will require a little less watering at this time of year and you might need to move a few to sunnier spots in your living room to keep them looking their healthiest.

Keep a close eye on the greenery in your home to ensure the feeling of bringing the outdoors in remains constant as we transition to autumn and winter. If you find you are struggling, consider some faux plants (they’ve come a long way in terms of looking quite realistic) in darker corners to retain that fresh feel in any space.

Choose lighter wood tones in your furniture

Dark stained furniture will give your living room a visually ‘heavier’ look so keep things light and bright with natural or pale stains, to allow the grain to easily show through.

Pale flooring will also make a room look larger and airier whilst still retaining the charm and warmth that wood brings to your room.

Natural Textiles

Incorporating a few more organic items into your décor will bring both warmth and light into your home. Fabrics like coir, sisal or rattan are great indoors or out and incorporating these kinds of textures will warm your living room scheme up without making the resulting look too dark or visually heavy.

Let the Light In

Embrace whatever natural light we may still be getting at this time of year by pulling those curtains wide open during the day. Hang your curtains high and wide – just a few inches from the top of the ceiling rather than just above the window frame and a few inches beyond the width of the window too and make sure they hang all the way to the floor. This will make your ceilings look taller as well as allow the entire window to be exposed when you open those curtains without blocking any of the light.


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