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Festive florals: adding a chic Christmas wreath to your décor

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Nothing quite says Christmas is here like the sight of a festive wreath hanging from your front door.

But wreaths aren’t just for outdoors. The modern wreath is must more versatile in terms of its style potential – adding one to any room will instantly add to the festive feel. With such a wide selection of faux and real wreaths available, choosing the right one for your space (whether indoor or out) is a great dilemma. But never fear, Avant Life is here!

We’ve offered our top tips of how to choose a Christmas wreath which exudes elegance and only adds to your festive decorations.

A festive touch to welcome you home

We’ll start on the outside, and hanging a wreath on your front door. This acts as the glimpse of your festive decorations, so don’t be afraid of being bold with your choice. Think of a wreath that packs colour, floral features and weaves in pine cones and ribbons – choose your pallet wisely, so opt for a mix of red, green and gold, or much more subtle silvers and pinks.

Image source: The Real Flower Company

A minimalist look across the home

Inside, your wreath can be much more understated, adding subtle style throughout your home. Unlike your front door, choose a much finer wreath that lacks in grandiose but packs a punch through minimalist style. A half-coated wreath works well when hung up by your Christmas tree, whilst using more delicate leaves and sprigs of seasonal plants such as eucalyptus on a much smaller ring can also add the essence of Christmas.

Image source: Dobbies; Homescapes

Going against the traditions

If you’re looking for a non-conformist Christmas wreath, the biggest change to make is the material used. Swap the botanical beauty of green sprigs for other festive favourite, such as berries or golden-colour leaves. For something totally different, try a thistle-inspired wreath or opt for a feathered look to add to a softer festive style. Or, even a wreath of woollen pom-poms filled with festive colours.

Images source (L-R): Rose Grey; Homescapes Online; Ella James; Hobbycraft

How to customise an artificial wreath

Can’t find a wreath to meet your desired festive décor? This guide from Dobbies Garden Centre is easy to follow and will allow you bring your own sense of style to your Christmas Wreath.

You will need:

  • An artificial wreath
  • Real foliage
  • Decorations
  • Floristry wire


Start with a plain wreath, which will give you a blank canvas to work with. We have used the Imperial wreath.


Gather some foliage: we’ve used sprigs of Eucalyptus and Bay. Add this to the wreath, distributing the sprigs evenly.


Now you can customise your creation by adding decorations. We’ve opted for a pinecone theme using gold glitter and shatterproof green pinecones. To finish, we added two large pinecones in the centre. For a more spectacular effect, add ribbons, stars, or lighting



Banner image (Instagram): @bibury_derhodespoint/@chacefield_rosebury/@chacefield_rosebury/@kintbury_1


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