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How to care for your lawn

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The lawn is the showpiece of any garden, and the way it looks can make a major difference to the overall aesthetic of the exterior of your home.

While some people will shy away from the prospect of cutting the grass, and cultivating the borders is the stuff of nightmares for others, there are some simple ways to nurture and care for your lawn without putting in hours or even days of effort.

Dobbies Garden Centres has some great tips on how to ensure your lawn is in the best possible condition in the summer months and beyond.

The essentials

In order to properly maintain your lawn, you’ll need to invest in some useful equipment and products, which will enable you to carry out tasks with the minimum of fuss.

Head to the garden centre and pick up some grass seed, a spring-tine rake, a garden fork, feed and weed, a daisy grubber, a half-moon edger and – of course - a lawn mower. The size of the lawn mower will likely depend on the size of your lawn and your budget, but there are many options available.


When it comes to mowing, the old saying about doing things little and often rings true, although there are times when you shouldn’t cut it at all, such as when it’s very dry and hot. At the beginning of the season use long blades, and then gradually lower them as the weather gets warmer.

Scarifying your lawn is a wise tactic, as it can help to make your life easier and protect the grass, Scarifying removes moss and other detritus form the lawn and prevents it from taking over, and can be easily carried out with a spring-tine rake, although electric options are also available.

Weather conditions

If there has been heavy rain recently and the lawn is soggy, it is definitely advisable to aerate it with a garden fork. Push the fork into the ground at frequent points over the entirety of the lawn, leaving around 30cm between pitch marks.

If dry weather or frequent walking over the surface has left bald patches on the lawn, try to keep on top of it by frequently sowing more grass seed on the patches. By ‘tickling’ the bare earth with a rake or hand fork, a small patch can be left to sow the seed – always consult the packet instructions - and watering the area thoroughly.

Feeding and weeding are both integral to lawn health, and it is therefore important to do this regularly using a dedicated product. Always remove large or stubborn weeds by hand so that the route can be destroyed, but for other weeds the feed and weed will keep it looking green and healthy.

Finishing touches

To ensure the edges are nice and neat, a half-moon edger should be used to help trim the perimeter of the grass once or twice a year. This will help to define the line between the border and lawn and give the entire garden a neat and tidy appearance that should last through all of the seasons.

By following these tips and investing in the right products and equipment, you can ensure your lawn looks great at all times without having to put in a huge amount of effort, leaving you more time to enjoy the outside of your home.

Dobbies Garden Centres has a vast range of products and equipment that can keep your lawn and the rest of your garden looking great year-round. For more information visit


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