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How to Bring Your Holiday Destination Home

How to Bring Your Holiday Destination Home Feature Image

One of the best things about flying out to far-flung destinations is surrounding ourselves with the sights, sounds, tastes and beauty that are different from what we are used to on home soil.

Travel can be incredibly inspiring – not just by way of refreshing our mind and spirit but also for the ideas and influences that surround us.

Pay attention to the styles and colours of your chosen destination and think about how you can recreate the look when you return. Even if the sun isn’t shining quite as brightly in the UK, there are plenty of inspiring choices you can make to bring your travels home.

So, if you’re ready to add a little holiday-chic to your home, here are my best tips to do so.

French Fancy

Ooh la la! Parisians are some of the most stylish around and their homes are no different. While you may not have soaring ceilings with ornate cornicing, you can recreate the look using pieces of wall moulding on pale or white walls to create an additional layer of texture and interest.

Choose chevron-style flooring (a hot trend right now that’s steeped in tradition) in a warm wood colour to complete the look alongside more traditional lighting. Finish off your Parisian-inspired room with sumptuous furniture – velvet and tufting will add a luxurious touch – alongside a few contemporary pieces to create contrast and bring it bang up to date.

Greek Chic

If you are craving simple, elegant and functional design, look no further than the beautiful country of Greece for your inspiration. While you may not have exposed stone or white-washed walls in your home, there is a way to emphasise the use of natural materials with the right choices.

Choose stone or pale concrete for surfaces like floors or tables and punctuate the look with the classic bold blue that we always associate with Greek design. Choose everyday items like bed linens or crockery with vivid blue and clean white patterns. Of course, an olive tree is a perfect finishing touch to any Grecian-inspired design and look out for things like natural clay or wood to add additional texture.

Marvellous Moroccan

From Portugal, Spain and France in the north to the strong African and Persian influences from the south and east, Morocco acts as a crossroads of style, creating a unique look. Colours are rich and warm, and textiles and lighting take on bold, exotic details that make it a favourite for home owners the world over.

Opt for richly dark wood furniture with ornate details, plush layered textiles and a smattering of mixed metals to recreate the look. Hammered trays, lanterns and floor cushions will add to this relaxed look so keep an eye out for pieces that focus on abstract and geometric patterns.



New York Cool

Stripped back, unconventional and unfussy, it’s no wonder the look of the loft or warehouse apartment is still going strong. If you love the look but don’t live in a converted school or factory with huge windows and brick walls, you may think you can’t replicate industrial style at home. Happily, you can.



Choose pieces with history for your décor – leather chairs, metal or wood chests and reclaimed wood shelving, and try out a few fun features like neon or caged lighting. You can even replicate the appearance of bare brick with pre-made panels or brick-effect tiles which will give you the look without the mess. Make sure you create warmth with plenty of natural textiles – suede, leather and hide will give your space a sense of cosiness without taking away from the urban look.

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