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How to bring a modern-meets-traditional style to your kitchen


A modern-meets-traditional style kitchen is the perfect fusion for those who desire a classic style kitchen with a contemporary edge.

Traditional kitchen designs provide a sense of comfort and warmth within the home while also complimenting the latest trends and features - meaning it’s no surprise that it’s remained consistently popular over time. This timeless appeal allows you to fuse traditional lines and designs with the latest appliances and accessories to create the perfect balance of old meets new.

Here’s my insights into how to merge traditional and contemporary styles to create an on-trend kitchen of today.

Colour scheme and finish

One of the most appealing elements of a country-style kitchen is its lack of uniformity. You can choose almost any colour scheme that works best for you and the space you have, whilst still maintaining a traditional style.

Light should be encouraged to flow throughout the room as much as possible, so many people choose cream or alabaster for their cupboards and units, as this can make the room feel much more open. If you already have a large, open space with lots of natural light, a darker shade of sage or light grey also works well, adding depth to the room without overwhelming it.

Wood would be the obvious choice of material for the finish; natural, rustic and traditional, there’s nothing better for a country-style kitchen. Think timber for the cupboards and units, while oak or beech for the worktops can really add depth and texture to the design.

There’s also the option to create a division across the kitchen by using a different wood in a dedicated area – a walnut butchers block can work particularly well, to assign one space in the kitchen strictly for food preparation.

Units and workspaces

The style of your units is key when creating a country-style aesthetic, as any style too modern will clash against the more traditional features.

The style of cupboards and drawer doors is essential for maintaining the theme too. Glass-fronted doors on some of the cupboards, including both frosted and clear panes, also fit well with the theme, and will work well if you want to make the room appear larger.

For those with a large, open kitchen, an island is a must. This space can be used to cook, socialise and eat at, making it the perfect addition.

Your island should be in line with the rest of the kitchen, but, to make a statement and a touch of modernity, consider choosing a different colour for your island from the rest of the room – dark purple works particularly well against gullwing grey.


Storage is essential for kitchens of all sizes, but where a modern, minimalist kitchen may look to hide away utensils and appliances, a country-style kitchen proudly displays them, whilst maintaining an uncluttered workspace.

The traditional larder has stormed back into fashion, and while fridges and freezers have modernised food storage, the larder is still a popular favourite in the design of a traditional kitchen.

Drawers with integrated knife blocks are a clever and practical way to keep the worktop free from cutlery. Likewise, deep drawers are ideal for storing pans, whilst hooks can be added to the walls near the cooker for frequently used utensils. Opting for shelves in the place of some cupboards is a great way in which to store and display equipment and utensils, including crockery or jars of spices and ingredients.


You don’t need to sacrifice modern appliances to still enjoy a traditionally-designed kitchen. Range cookers offer classic style while being technologically advanced enough to cater to even the most demanding chefs and giving you an attractive focal point in the kitchen – making it the perfect addition to a modern-meets-traditional kitchen.

Fridges and freezers are an essential part of modern food storage, and shouldn’t be neglected in this style of kitchen. A double-door American-style fridge freezer is a popular choice, whereas you may wish to have a built-in fridge, to help hide the modern appliance from the overall aesthetic of the room.

Finishing Touches

A great way to add a dash of modernisation to your traditional style kitchen is through your choice of accessories and accents of colour – as these can seamlessly tie the whole look together.

For those willing to make an investment, choosing a high-quality copper pan set will make a striking statement. These pieces are often available with either a shiny, glossy finish which creates an almost rose gold effect, or a matte finish that's perfect for a traditional set.

Be sure to explore other aspects such as; light fixtures, tea towels, counter top storage, clocks and art work to hang on the walls to add vibrancy and texture to the room.

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