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How a bullet journal can help at home

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Bullet journalling is a revolutionary way of documenting the past, keeping track of the present and planning for the future.

But what exactly is a bullet journal?

Essentially, a bullet journal (sometimes known as a BuJo) consists of an index and numbered pages, meaning that you can go from daily to-do lists to planning big projects on the very next page, with the index keeping track of everything. Whether you have a busy week which requires a lot of space or you take weeks of holiday, there are no wasted pages as there would be in a regular diary.

From cleaning schedules to decluttering challenges, keeping on top of home maintenance has never been easier than with a bullet journal. Whether you have no idea where to start with planning home projects or you crave that sense of satisfaction which comes with a job well done, a bullet journal can help you get back on track and maybe even exercise your creative side.

Keep your home spick and span – bullet journal cleaning schedule

Sometimes it can feel like we’re constantly cleaning our homes yet never catching up. Using a bullet journal to set up a cleaning routine can help you keep on track and seeing each room broken down into simple tasks makes cleaning much more manageable. In order to know what to do when, set up a weekly schedule to refer to, alongside a list of monthly tasks which you can check off as you go. The numbered pages mean that you can add these spreads to the index at the front of your journal and refer back to them whenever you need to.

Using a BuJo to plan a home refresh

As well as planning your daily life, bullet journals are a great tool for planning big projects, such as renovations, a decor refresh or even just a big clear out. As with cleaning, splitting the house into sections with task lists for individual rooms prevents renovations from becoming overwhelming and allows you to easily see the bigger picture.

Using a notebook with dotted pages means that as well as more linear checklists, you can get creative with your plans, you could even draw out floor plans or sketch decor ideas.

Maintain control as you move – bullet journal moving checklist


Moving is said to be one of the most stressful things in life, but it doesn’t have to be. There is so much planning and paperwork involved in moving that the smaller things might slip your mind. Making a checklist of things to do before and after the move means that no task goes unforgotten.

A few top tips when starting your bullet journal:

Don’t worry about the notebook – There are a lot of notebooks out there that are specifically designed for bullet journalling, but until you’ve decided if the system works for you, save your money and use any notebooks you already have. That’s the beauty of this system, it works anywhere!

Get creative or get inspired – Bullet journalling is the perfect excuse for a bit of creativity, get out your coloured pens and washi tapes and let yourself loose on the page. If you’re a bit stuck, get on Pinterest to find thousands of ideas for creating beautiful spreads.

Keep it simple – Sometimes the most basic layouts are the most functional for our everyday lives. Not everyone has time to create a beautiful journal so don’t worry about bringing it back to basics. As long as it gets the job done it works!


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