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Helping your family beat the January blues

January Blues

Christmas and New Year bring so much excitement with gifts, good food and a house full of family and friends!

But then, before that last mince pie is eaten it’s back to work and school. It’s cold and Christmas is done for a whole year and winter stretches on.

The January blues kick in and no-one feels much like celebrating anymore.

There’s no need to despair though as there’s a whole lot you can do to help your family beat the winter blues!

Here are some ideas to make your January much more colourful.

‘Do’ resolutions

Resolutions may seem like a positive idea, but they can seriously bring the blues…no more junk food, no more sitting around relaxing, no more this and no more that. But, all these “don’t” resolutions can really bring you down, especially if they are hard to achieve.

So, why not ring in the changes this year by sitting with your family at the kitchen table and making some “do” resolutions rather than “don’t” ones.

You could resolve to: 

  • Have a board game night once a month
  • Get a dog
  • Do a family park run
  • Join in with Bake Off this year
  • Plan a garden makeover

Or anything else POSITIVE you can think of.

“Do” resolutions bring everyone together and can be a great way to shake the January blues.


If it’s grey when you head out to work and dark as you get home, your mood is likely to be impacted by lack of daylight. It can be the same for your kids – although at least they probably get out at playtime.

A lack of light is linked to low mood so getting outside whenever you get the chance is really helpful. Just taking your lunch break on a park bench or encouraging your kids to walk to school rather than get the bus should really lift everyone’s spirits. Try to get a big dollop of sunshine every day.


Being outside in nature is a great way to top up on sunlight. Time in nature is also linked to decreased stress levels and more positive moods. A big family nature walk or bike ride at the weekend are great ways to help you feel better.

Don’t let the weather put you off getting out and about, simply dress up warm and get those wellies on. Beaches and forests are spectacular in winter and the crowds are gone too – which makes them all the more special.

Make some fun plans

When Christmas is done it can feel months until spring. But you can take matters into your own hands. Planning in a winter trip, a Valentine’s party or perhaps a big family get together would most definitely give you something to look forward to. You don’t need to wait until Easter to have some fun.

It’s fun to look ahead too and think about the summer holidays and get some plans in place. Having something to look forward too always lifts the spirits!


One of the very best ways to lift your spirits is to lift someone else’s. Having a cause to support is a great way for a family to come together, pool their energy and think outside of themselves.

Have a chat as a family about what you could do this January to give back.

Could you …

  • Collect for a food bank?
  • Do a mass litter pick?
  • Have a huge declutter and help stock the charity shop?
  • Check on all your more vulnerable neighbours and offer them a hand?

‘We rise by lifting others’ and what better way is there for a family to beat off the winter blues by bringing the sunshine where it is needed?

Yes you can!

You can beat the January blues if you get active, get planning and think positive. In fact, with right mind-set, it could be the very best month of the year for all of you!