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Get ready for autumn

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The seasons are starting to turn and we’ll soon feel that distinctive autumn bite in the air.

Get your home and your wardrobe ready for the months ahead with these tips:

Your home

As the weather and the light start to change it’s a great time to make your home feel a little bit cosier. A few small changes will make you feel more snug, especially when the darker nights start to draw in.


One of the easiest ways to change the feeling of your home is to swap the colours of a few items within each room. Cushions in the living room are an great example of this. Swap out light and bright summer shades for warmer autumn colours, like oranges, mustards, burgundies and browns. You can also put out a light blanket for the slightly cooler evenings. Change bedding sets to warmer shades too, and even the curtains can be changed if you had light ones up for the summer.


As the darker nights come in, have a think about the lighting in the key rooms that you spend time in. The living room is the place most of us spend our evenings, so make sure that you have enough lighting in there and that it’s providing the right atmosphere for you to relax in. You could introduce a few candles to produce a calm, soft light; some of them give off relaxing scents, too.


This isn’t the most fun part of seasonal changes, but it’s important to check things over for the wetter and cooler weather that’s to come. Make sure that all of your window and door seals are strong, and get your gutters looked at to make sure they’re not blocked with leaves and debris. If you haven’t had your boiler serviced in the last year, get it looked at now to make sure that it’s safe for use.

Your garden

Cover or put away any garden toys or furniture that are not going to get used in the colder weather. Clear any weeds, and do some planting for spring (such as tulips or daffodils) over the next couple of months. There are a few vegetables that you can plant now that will last through the winter too. Give your grass a last mow when you feel the weather begin to turn to keep it looking tidy until spring.


Your wardrobe

It’s time to clear out your summer clothes and store them away until next spring. Get your warmer clothes out of storage, and make sure that you have all you need for the colder weather. Also, take the chance to get rid of any old clothes that you haven’t worn and do a bit of a de-clutter.

Shoes and boots

Have a check over your shoes and boots to make sure that you have all you need for the wetter, colder weather that’s heading our way. Take boots to the cobblers if they need fixing up, or invest in a good new pair of boots that will see you through the winter.


Now is a good time to look through your accessory stash to make sure you have hats, gloves and scarves at the ready for when the weather turns. Also make sure you have an umbrella at hand. This is especially useful if you walk to work, or do the school run. There’s little time on busy mornings, so make it easier for yourself by having these things at the ready.

Your coat / raincoat

You may not need it yet, but now is a good time to get your big winter coat out of storage and give it a dry clean so that’s it’s ready for use. If you need to invest in a new one, have a good look round the shops and online to find the best one for your needs. Given the amount of rain we get, it’s always worthwhile having a coat or jacket that’s made for wet weather, especially if you’re out and about a lot or you don’t have a spare hand to hold an umbrella because you’re pushing a buggy.

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