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Get creative this Christmas with these quirky gifts


Finding the right gift is hard, and sometimes it's easy to slip into old habits. Perfume, choccies, fuzzy winter jumpers: they're classics for a reason, but maybe it's time to break the mould.

So, if you think it's high-time somebody spruced up those stocking fillers, you're in luck, because we've put together a list of quirky gifts that're sure to impress this holiday season.

Mini Desktop Arcade Machine 

We all have a tendency to get distracted at work, but some distractions are better than others. Thanks to the Mini Desktop Arcade Machine, you can wave goodbye to the days when Facebook and Twitter were the only escape from the paperwork that's been staring at you from behind that half-eaten sandwich. It's the ideal gift for someone looking for an innovation in procrastination, and with over 240 games packed inside it's tiny retro shell, it should keep even the most avid dawdler entertained until this time next year.

Wallet Ninja 

The Wallet Ninja is the perfect tool for overcoming life's little everyday hurdles. The credit card sized gadget contains 16 handy gizmos that'll help you out when you're in dire need of a quick fix. And don't let its size fool you. It might be super compact, but the nifty multi-tool still packs three different screwdrivers; six hex head nuts and bolts; a bottle, can and letter opener; a box cutter; ruler; phone stand; and even a peeler. What more you could you ask for?

Self Stirring Mug 

Tea and coffee make the world go round, so it's hard to believe that in this high-tech age we're still relying on the humble spoon for all of our beverage stirring needs. Well, as a famous person once said, the times they are a changing. So put those spoons down and say hello to your new best friend: the Self Stirring Mug. Created for those who value their precious free time above all else, the Self Stirring Mug eliminates one of life's more mild inconveniences to create more time for important things like napping, daydreaming, and biscuit chomping.

Loc8tor Lite 

Wallet. Keys. Phone. They're the three things you shouldn't leave home without, so naturally they're the three things you're always losing (usually when you're in a mad dash to get out of the door). It's a nightmare scenario, and if you know someone who, then you might want to grab them a Loc8tor Lite this Christmas. The handy mobile phone and key tracker makes it (almost) impossible to lose your valuables, and can be used to track lost items at the push of a button. Just make sure you don't lose the locator… because, well, that'd put you in a real pickle.

Smartphone Projector 

Know someone who loves a sprinkling of movie magic? Well, the Smartphone Projector might just be the perfect gift for them. The funky retro gadget works by magnifying your smartphone screen and beaming it onto your favourite flat surface. The adjustable lens can project images up to 40" in size, letting you play games, watch movies, and use your favourite apps on the big screen. It'll give someone the perfect excuse to cozy up in front of the fire and tuck into some tasty Christmas treats, and isn't that the greatest gift of all?

Chris Kerr is a blogger with an interest in all things tech. From gadgets to gaming, he is always on the look-out for the next big thing. When not testing the latest FPS or RPG, he can be found watching Sean Bean films and contributing to publications including Gamasutra, Stuff and IB Times. Find out more here.

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