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Furniture with eternal style

Furniture with Eternal Style 2

Interior design, much like fashion, is a fickle business. In one year - or one season - and out the next, it may seem impossible to keep up.

While we may not mind spending £30 for a new top in the latest colour or style, replacing larger items in our home and redecorating for every passing fad is not only impractical, but rather expensive.

So how do we ensure that the items we choose for our home today will still look great in years to come?

Now I would never say with any confidence that I don’t follow trends. Of course, like every other person out there who loves their interiors, I’m just as easily swayed by what I see in magazines and online as the latest ‘newest’ thing or the ‘must have’ colours of the season. I often encourage people who like keeping up with trends to simply do so in their accessories. A few new cushions or decorative objects – even a tin of paint – is an inexpensive way to do just that.

However, the basis of your furniture choices should be more long-lasting. While we may love the current trendy colours of blush pink or indigo blue that are all the rage at the moment, purchasing a sofa in these colours may mean that in five years’ time, your home looks ‘very 2016’ when four other of the newest colours have already come and gone in the meantime.

Sticking to the classics – those pieces of furniture which rarely date – is the best way to ensure your home looks timeless. Mixing lower priced accessories in the latest trends with furniture that has eternal style is your best bet to creating a more eclectic look that will not easily date.

Which furniture would this include? I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites for you in the image above, bearing in mind that there are so many more I could have included! Furniture designs that have been around for decades and yet seem to always feel fresh and new, some for nearly a century or longer have already stood the test of time. These designs are classics for a reason. They have eternal style and will always look great, no matter what your particular style or how you swap around your accessories to suit.

They are also the perfect investment. If you are lucky enough to pick up an original, with proper care, they’ll hold their retail value if you ever wish to sell it on. However, there are many retailers now that sell design replicas which can ease the pocket and make owning a designer classic a little more affordable.

My final piece of advice? Buy what you truly love. If you surround yourself with those things that simply ‘speak to you’, those things that you feel you must have and those things that aren’t influenced by the current trends – those are the investments that will last a lifetime. If we save to purchase the items we cannot live without, they’ll always stand the test of time and you’ll be creating an interior that is truly your own.

Kimberly Duran is an award-winning Interior Design blogger who chronicles her decorating journey in her blog, Swoon Worthy. Her style is unashamedly eclectic, bohemian and glamorous and when she's not helplessly drooling over design websites and adding things to the imaginary 'shopping basket' in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects, stalk eBay for bargains, take Instagram pictures of her cats and invest time in her on-going love affair with gold spray paint.