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Make learning from home easier with these three fun homework tasks


School – a place for kids to learn, develop and have a bit of fun.

But during these uncertain times and schools being closed, parents are not only having to be mum or dad, they’re having to be the teacher too!

Trying to teach kids from home can be difficult, as it’s hard to set the boundaries between learning time and home time, so giving your young ones a few creative homework tasks can make it a little bit easier. We’ve pulled together our top three fun homework tasks you can hand out when you’re teaching your kids from home.

Spark Imagination with Story Writing

If there’s one thing kids have in abundance, it’s imagination. So whilst they’re at home make sure you let them express it as much as they can! And what better way for a child’s imagination to run wild than by writing their very own story.


This fun homework task for kids allows them to develop their English skills and adds a touch of creativity along the way. The best place to start is to ask them to draw out a storyboard, covering what the story will be about, who is in it and where it’s set. For a bit of inspo on creating a storyboard for them to get started on, Template.Net has some great examples. If you’ve got access to a printer, you can simply print them out for free! 

Next up is the writing of their story. You can make it a little more challenging by asking them to add a certain number of verbs and adjectives in the piece, to help them stay on top of their knowledge of the different types of words too. Then once finished, your kids can read the story out to you to help them practise their reading.

Get Crafty with Toilet Roll Tubes

If there’s one household necessity that seems to be hitting the headlines, it’s the old toilet roll! But rather than throwing away the tubes, keep them for some super-fun craft tasks for your kids. Art is a key part of developing your child’s imagination and creativity – and will most likely be their favourite lesson of the day!

These cardboard rolls are so versatile in what you can do with them. Get your kids to create a tube tower, sticking the used tubes together but making sure each one is decorated to a different theme or let them head out into the back garden to create a nature-inspired tube, using leaves, flowers and branches they collect! Challenge them to see how many animals they can create using just the toilet rolls, paints and sticky tape until they have a whole zoo!

Just make sure you don’t use the tissue itself though – it’s in too much of a high demand!

Homemade Countdown

“A consonant please Carol, and another one. A vowel please…” The Channel 4 classic Countdown might not be at the top of your kid’s TV watchlist, however it can be a fun way to encourage both maths and spelling!

All you need to get going is some cut outs of the letters (to make it a little easier, it might be worth making extras of the more commonly used consonants and duplicates of the vowels) and two of the numbers 1 – 10, as well as 25, 50, 75 and 100. Creating these in itself can be a little fun arts and crafts task for your kids to get stuck into!

Once you’ve got all your numbers and letters created, it’s game on! Taking it in turns, your kids need to pick 9 letters and then have 30 seconds to try and create the longest word they can – you can up the time limit depending on how old they are. For the numbers round, split your cut outs into a ‘small’ pile (cards 1-10) and ‘large’ pile (25, 50, 75 and 100) then ask your kids to choose six cards – these will be the numbers they can use for the maths.

Now, we’re not expecting you to have the Countdown technology to randomly generated a target number, so as mum or dad, you’ll need to come up with a target for them to aim for using their maths skills!


To all the parents out there home-schooling their children during these unusual times, everyone at Avant Homes salutes you!

If you have any tips or tricks that you’re using with your kids, we want you to share them with us! Use the hashtag #AvantHomes and be sure to tag us in your posts!