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Fun and simple school holiday activities

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The school holidays are brilliant, aren’t they? Well, yes… kind of.

It’s such a treat to get extra time with our children, but it’s pretty hard work too. My daughter asked me this morning “what shall I do now?!”. I wouldn’t mind, but it was only 8am and she was already climbing the walls. If you have active kids like mine, here’s a few ideas for you to help keep them busy in the Easter holidays…

Easter colouring

There are lots of worksheets and pictures you can print off from your computer to colour in at home. Your children can help to choose which ones they want too.

Craft stores also sell lots of Easter themed paint by numbers and other colouring sets, which are great fun and look fantastic when finished. Apart from that, your kids can simply get out the paints or felt tips to create their own Easter-themed masterpieces of art.

Easter crafts

There’s so much craft that you can do with your kids over Easter. Head to your nearest craft shop and they’ll be packed to the rafters with themed packs for you to choose from.

Some of my favourite crafts to do at home with the kids are:

Egg painting

Get some polystyrene eggs and paint them, and then stick decorations over them, or turn them into Easter chicks and bunnies. Or simply boil some eggs and decorate them before taking the shells off and having them for lunch.

Make an Easter scene

Use things from around the house to create your very own Easter scene. We’ve used cotton wool balls to make sheep and lambs. Toilet roll tubes make a good body, which you then paint before turning them into either a bunny (add ears and paint on face) or chicks (add wings). You can paint trees on cardboard and then scrunch up bits of tissue paper to make blossom etc. There’s so many possibilities once you’ve got started, and your kids will come up with all kinds of ideas.

Easter decorations

Use an oval cutter (or just cut an oval shape out of cardboard) and use it has a template to cut out eggs from paper, card, felt, or anything you have at hand. The children can then decorate them with paint, pens, glitter and decorations. You could make a string of them to hang up around the house, or stick them onto cards to send to family and friends.

Easter puppets

My daughter deserves the credit for this idea. She drew her own animals (rabbit, chicks and sheep) and then cut them out. She then got some straws and stuck the animals to them using sticky tape and used them to play a puppet game. It kept her entertained for ages!

Easter gifts - Chocolate bark

Lay some greaseproof paper out on a baking tray. Melt chocolate in a bowl above simmering water, or in the microwave. Pour the chocolate onto the greaseproof paper, making sure you get a fairly thick layer. Sprinkle on little chocolate eggs (or other sweets and sprinkles) and leave until it’s completely cool and then break into chucks.

(You could use milk chocolate and white chocolate and swirl them together if you like – or use white chocolate and add some food colouring after it has melted, then you can have any colour you want.)

Chocolate nests

I always made Easter nests when I was little, and they’re still great to do – really easy, fun and delicious.

Here’s how: Melt chocolate in a large bowl. Pour in cornflakes or rice cereal, and stir, quickly. (You can mix in marshmallows and raisins too if you like.) Fill bun cases with the mixture and leave to cool. Decorate by putting a little Easter chick on top of each one, or a few mini eggs after the mixture goes into the cases (please note, mini eggs are meant for 4yrs+).

I hope you have fun with your little ones this Easter.

Jo Murricane is a freelance copywriter and blogger, based in Leeds. Read all about her food and lifestyle investigations on her blog,


Chocolate nest
Easter puppet