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Freshen up your home for spring

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Spring is finally here, bringing with it the long awaited warmer weather and even the odd bit of blue sky and sunshine.

Flowers are bursting out of the ground and the outdoors is beginning to transform itself for spring and summer. While it’s all change outside, it can be worth spending a bit of time sorting out the inside of your home too. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the spring season:

Add something natural

Bring a bit of the outdoors indoors, by filling your rooms with plants, flowers or foliage. If you suffer from hay fever, you can use big, green statement leaves in large vases instead of flowers.

Let in the light

Throw open your windows and doors to let the sunlight and fresh air burst through the house. Put away heavy drapes or curtains, and replace them with lighter fabrics and colours. Clean both the outside and the inside of your windows to get the best quality of light into your rooms.


Spring brings extra hours of daylight, and lots more sunshine. Hanging up several mirrors inside your home bounces the light around all the corners of your rooms, brightening your home up with brilliant, natural light.

Clear out the clutter

As we hibernate through the winter months it’s easy to let clutter build up. Spend a bit of time going through it all, getting rid of what you don’t need, and finding a place for what you do. You’ll feel so much better for it, and rooms immediately feel bigger and airier with the clutter gone.

Spring clean (sorry)

I’m so sorry to say it, but the traditional spring clean really does makes a difference. Hoovering those out of the way areas behind the sofa, or cleaning off the grime that’s built up in your kitchen cupboards can make your home feel so much better.

Add some colour

Colour can transform the look of any room. Investing in a couple of large, brightly coloured cushions can really liven up your living room or bedroom. Other tricks include changing your table cloth for a more colourful one, or adding a brightly coloured statement vase to the room. These small changes can make your home feel invigorated and a little bit different without costing the earth.

Clear out your wardrobe

Pack up all those heavy winter woollens and store them away until next autumn. Replace them with your summer clothes, after having a good check through them all. If there’s anything you’re not going to wear then take it to the charity shop to clear some space.


Swap out heavy winter bedding and pillows for lighter ones (though it’s worth keeping a blanket handy, as the nights can still be a bit chilly in spring time). Change your quilt and pillow covers too, maybe choosing something brighter, or with a vibrant floral pattern to mark the change of seasons.

Tidy your outside space

Spend a bit of time sweeping away the old, dead leaves that have gathered in the corners of your garden. Tidy the edges of the lawn, and clear any weeds or old plants that are still hanging around. It’s also worth giving any outside furniture a scrub so that it’s ready to use on warm days. If you have paving slabs, get the power washer on them to clean off all the gunk, mould and moss. They’ll be so much brighter, and it’s an easy way to have a big and immediate impact on the overall appearance of your home.

Spring planting

Sow some flower seeds in your cleared garden beds, or plant some shop-bought flowering plants. You could also consider planting a small herb garden or, if you have less space, use a planter or window box to grow herbs in. Have a read about which vegetables and fruits you can plant at this time of year too, as it’s the perfect time to get many of them started. You’ll reap the benefits from your investment when you harvest fresh produce from your garden in the months to come.

Jo Murricane is a copywriter and blogger, based in Leeds. Read all about her food and lifestyle investigations on her blog,


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