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Four stylish storage solutions you need in your home


We all pride ourselves on keeping our homes as neat and tidy as we possible can.

But making sure your household is tidy can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right storage solutions at your disposal. Without a drawer for your baking equipment or enough space in your wardrobe for your winter coat, your house runs the risk of becoming disorganised and cluttered.

Here are four storage solutions every home needs to keep your spaces clutter free and looking stylish.

Savvy kitchen storage

A kitchen can be a hectic place at the best of times, but without having the right storage spaces it’s almost a recipe for disaster (no pun intended).  Kitchen worktops aren’t made to have jars of ingredients scattered all over them because there’s nowhere else to put them – but with smart design, having clutter in your kitchen will be a thing of the past-a (pun intended).

Subtle storage in the kitchen is an easy way to keep your space tidy. Having ‘drawers within drawers’ can create double the amount of space for your plates, pots and pans, and integrated appliances can save space, giving you the perfect solution to storing your washing machine and dish washer.

Spacious storage for the bedroom

If you’re one of those people who refuses to throw away an item of clothing – despite not wearing it since people said “wasssssssup” down the phone to one another – you’re bound to need some smart storage solution in your bedroom to handle your extensive wardrobe collection. And the savvier the storage, the better – anything to hide those garish garms!

Practical, easy-to-navigate and bang on-trend, a sliding built-in wardrobe can give you an abundance of extra space. This furnishing doesn’t take up loads of room like a freestanding wardrobe and can come with integrated shelves and drawers to save you even more space in your bedroom.

Keeping your bathroom free of clutter

Ah the bathroom, a space renowned for an abundance of unorganised clutter. The bath is like battlefield of shampoo bottles, razors and loofahs, whilst your sink has developed a thick sticky skin of used toothpaste and soap, and somehow collected more toothbrushes than people who actually live in the house.

All this, without even touching on the hairbrushes, beauty potions and dental accessories that you no doubt accumulate – this is supposed to be a place of relaxation, not pandemonium!

There’s a super-stylish solution to slaying your bathroom chaos. A vanity unit gives you the perfect place to store, hide and organise your essential items, giving your bathroom a clean and calm feel. For a chic finish, opting for a floating unit will only add to your dream home décor.

Cupboards in the right places

Kids’ sleeping bags, board games, old photographs, the keyboard you said you were going to learn how to play…every home needs a place to hide away its miscellaneous bits and bobs. Imagine a house without one of these safe spots. Your guests would truly know everything about you they didn’t need to know if they caught glimpse of all that stuff – it’d be like revealing your deepest secrets!

But through having additional storage outside of your bedrooms and living quarters, this needn’t ever be a worry. These cleverly-positioned cupboards on your landing spaces can provide you with the perfect spot to tidy away those non-everyday items.

Get savvy with storage in your new home

Wouldn’t we all love a little extra space in our home? Well with Avant, your dream can become a reality.

Through smart storage across our homes, we give you more room for the important things in life. Our designer kitchens have ample storage to keep culinary clutter at bay, whilst our bathrooms promote tranquillity through a minimalist approach thanks to smart storage – having less out brings more.

We know the importance of having chic storage in your bedroom, that’s why our built-in wardrobes come in a choice of colours and finishes to suit your décor ambitions. To top it off, we offer extra storage cupboard in certain models across our range to keep those bits and bobs hidden away, meaning family life doesn’t also mean a messy one. 


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