Four fun arts and crafts projects for kids

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Keeping your kids entertained is sometimes harder than it looks!

But to make sure they’re not just glued to their tablets or sat in front of the TV, try some fun arts and crafts projects to keep your young ones occupied! We’ve pulled together four easy ways you can get creative with some everyday items from around the house.

Papier-mâché piggy bank!  

Let your kids create a place to keep all their pocket money with this fun arts and crafts project! Here’s how you can make a piggy bank out of papier-mâché.

What you’ll need

  • A balloon
  • Some old newspapers
  • White PVA glue
  • A bowl of water
  • 3 toilet roll tubes
  • Paints – white and a colour of your kid’s choice


  1. In preparation, inflate the balloon, mix the water and PVA glue, and cut the newspaper up into thin strips
  2. Take a piece of the newspaper, dip it into the glue and water mixture, then stick it onto the balloon – this is how to create the papier-mâché
  3. Repeat this until all the balloon is covered and you’ve applied at least two/three layers of newspaper. Leave to dry overnight
  4. To make the piggy’s feet and snout, cut three toilet roll tubes in half. Stick four halves on the bottom of the balloon to create the feet using PVA glue, then stick another on the front end for the snout. Papier-mâché these tubes and leave to dry. Use some of the newspaper to create some ears too and leave to set
  5. Once all the newspaper is dry, you need to make the slot on top to put the money in. Take a pair of scissors, cut down into the papier-mâché and create a small rectangle. This will also pop the balloon inside
  6. The next step is to start painting! Use white paint to cover the whole piggy bank and leave to dry – this will ensure all the newspaper is covered – and use a black pen to draw on some eyes
  7. To finish, use a colour of your kid’s choice to paint the piggy bank

An apple bird feeder

One for the younger kids, this arts and crafts project is easy to follow and you can use everyday items you’ve got around your home!

What you’ll need

  • A handful of seeds
  • An apple
  • Some string
  • Two small sticks


  1. Cut a hole through the apple from top to bottom
  2. Thread the string through the hole
  3. Make a cross shape with your two sticks, then sit the apple onto of the cross and tie together using the string
  4. Take the seeds and push them into the apple in a pattern – make sure you’ve put plenty in to feed the birds!
  5. Use the string to tie the feeder up in your garden and watch the birds flock in!

Paper bag puppets

The opportunities for this arts and craft projects are endless! Whether you create an animal, person or monster puppet, we’ve got all steps you need to follow below.

What you’ll need

  • A paper bag
  • Coloured paint
  • Coloured card
  • Marker pens
  • PVA glue


  1. Firstly, choose what type of puppet you want to make!
  2. Once you’ve got an idea in mind, take your paper bag and paint it the colour of your choice and leave to dry. TOP TIP - open the bag and place it upside down on an empty drinks bottle to help it dry a little easier
  3. Using scissors, cut the coloured card into different shapes and sizes to match your design – these will act as the facial features of your puppet. Draw on the extra details using the marker pens
  4. It’s time to get creative! Use the PVA to stick the cut outs down and bring your paper bag puppet to life

We love this lion paper bag puppet from Electro Vanessa! Take a look at how it was made here. 

Out-of-this-world alien pebble art

An easy arts and crafts project for your kids to get stuck into, creating pebble aliens will keep everyone occupied for an afternoon!

What you’ll need


  1. Using a posca pen, colour in the top half of your pebble
  2. Draw on some white teeth using a white posca pen, then outline using a black posca pen
  3. To finish, get those eyes stuck on! Put a small amount of PVA glue onto the back of the eyes, and place into position on the pebble. Use as many as you like to make your alien look as crazy or spooky as possible
  4. Repeat the above steps on a few pebbles of different shapes and sizes to create your own alien gang!