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Five wallpaper trends for 2018

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Wallpaper is a design staple that can add subtle sophistication to one room and make an exciting statement in the next, allowing you to channel your unique sense of style throughout your home

When it comes to upcoming trends, bold prints and textured patterns are set to lead the way in 2018. At Graham & Brown, we encourage creativity and innovation, handpicking wallpaper designs that will make your home stand out while remaining classically timeless. Check out the five trends that we think will be taking the lead in the new year.

Bring bold, bright elements into the home with Fluid

The Fluid trend is inspired by an international pallet of textiles, art, and cultural influences, which have been re-imagined as wallpaper patterns. If you are looking to add a bright and worldly feel to your home, a fluid inspired wallpaper will help you inject detail and energy into any room.

Inspired by multicultural art, tie-dye and Batik techniques create bright and colourful patterns, perfect for a fun statement wall in a living room or kitchen. Another traditional art form making its way into people’s homes is Henna – the detailed pattern and soft colouring make it perfect for creating a calm atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom.

Explore wallpapers that channel the Fluid trend:

Ground creates a peaceful space with natural elements

Whether you live in the city or countryside, focussing on wellness is becoming an increasingly important priority, especially now that the Royals have organised the charity Heads Together to promote mental wellbeing.

Having a tranquil home can encourage a peaceful state of mind, and the Ground design trend can help you achieve this. Many people are choosing white as a colour scheme to reflect radiant relief. Others opt for weaves and chunky knit accessories to decorate, alongside cane structures and grain-like patterns. Natural textures like wood can also help to create a peaceful space, and incorporating plants into your home can help you to relax in a natural environment.

Create a peaceful space with these Ground-inspired wallpapers:

Add an urban twist to interiors with Zone

In Stavanger, Norway, they celebrate street art and select artists to leave their mark on city walls, reflecting the wider culture. And just as graffiti and murals being are being used to add an artistic touch to city streets, urban patterns are being introduced into our homes.

When it comes to wallpaper, the Zone trend incorporates metallic accents, bleached blues and radiant rust colours, inspired by a traditional urban pallet, combined with futuristic shapes and patterns. It’s a perfect way to add sharp and defiant lines and bold pattern to your home, giving it a contemporary flair.

Bring the Zone trend into your home with these wallpapers:

Femininity is re-imagined in the Trace trend

Women’s rights were a major talking point in 2017, and this passion and energy has been channelled by artists and designers across the world. 

Trace is all about embracing a new side of femininity by balancing elegance and beauty with power.

The trend celebrates this by contrasting colours, patterns, and shapes to create a distinct mood.

Get the look by choosing wallpapers that showcase delicate florals against a dark background, or mix pastel tones to create a subtly edgy effect. 

Explore wallpapers inspired by Trace:

Magic and nature come together in Bliss

Bliss emphasises floral and animal prints, transforming natural elements into artistic patterns in designs that feature expressive blooms, striking leaves, and exaggerated animal prints. It brings a romantic edge to flora and fauna, highlighting details to create a bohemian-inspired mood.

Transcend into the depths of nature with botanical accents that feature across the chosen prints and patterns. It is a perfect theme for any room you want to relax and unwind in after a busy day.

Check out wallpapers that highlight the Bliss trend:

 We’re getting increasingly creative with we way we dress our homes, and 2018 is going to be a fun and experimental year for wallpaper trends.

The new year is a perfect time to revisit current interiors and explore ways that can enhance your personal style. Check out the Graham & Brown blog for more inspiration!