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Make the most of being at home with these must-watch boxsets


Let’s face it – we’re all watching a little more TV than we usually would!

But don’t get bogged down in reruns of Midsummer Murders or become obsessed with quiz shows (yes, we know what you’ve all been watching from 2-5pm every day!). With the sheer number of streaming providers currently available, up your TV game with some of these must-watch boxsets whilst we’re spending more time at home. Here are our five recommendations.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Available on Netflix

Hey cool cats and kittens! Where better place to start than THE biggest TV show of the last two months – Tiger King. Set in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, this documentary miniseries focuses around zoo owner Joe Exotic and the world of the private owners of big cats in the US.

But it goes much deeper than just owning tigers. The show explores the relationships between owners, conservationists and animal rights groups to create a bizarre true crime story like no other. By the time you’re finished watching the series, you’ll be blaming ‘Damn Carole Baskin’ for every single thing that goes wrong.


Available on Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer

A serial award-winner, Fleabag will help bring a bit of laughter to your life in these most unusual times! Written by and starring the phenomenal Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the show is based around title character Fleabag as she tries to cope with life in London whilst coming to terms with a recent tragedy. Be prepared for a some dry-witted comedy as our protagonist has no filter!

The Last Dance

Available on Netflix and ESPN

Green hair, Carmen Electra and the Chicago Bulls – is there anything more 1997 than that?! One for the sports fans out there, The Last Dance is a miniseries based around the famed basketball greats Chicago Bulls, documenting the key players behind the team’s success. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Michael Jordan all feature in the show, and with a whole host of unaired footage, it’s a must-watch boxset.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Available on Disney+

You’d have to search long and hard to find someone who dislikes Jeff Goldblum. Already a piece of Hollywood royalty, Goldblum has moved from the silver screen to the small screen with his latest project for Disney+.

The show follows Jeff as he explores the world of everyday items, from ice cream and trainers to coffee and cosmetics. In preparation for the show, the presenter did, well, no preparation! Goldblum purposely did no research into the topics that would be covered in each episode to help keep him inquisitive. Perhaps a leftfield choice for a must-watch boxset, but we certainly recommend it.

Friday Night Dinner

Available on 4 On Demand

Ever feel like your family is verging on the strange side? Well we guarantee it’ll be nowhere as strange as the Goodman family in Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner! With brothers Adam and Jonny returning home every Friday for their ‘free eats’, things always take a turn for the worst thanks to their dad Martin and next-door neighbour Jim. The latest series has just been on our screens, so what better time to binge all six seasons in one go!



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