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Five must-play games for some festive fun

Christmas games2

Bored of playing the same old game of charades every Christmas Day? We hear you!

The Christmas period is the perfect time to let your hair down and have a little fun, and playing a few games on the big day is almost a tradition in itself. Families up and down the country battle it out, all with the aim of winning the bragging rights for the year ahead!

Check out our top five games you need to try out this festive season to bring out that competitive Christmas spirit.

Einstein Eats Eggs

Available from: Amazon

One for lovers of alliteration. This game is based around words which begin with the same letter, and the aim is to guess the three alliterative words on your team mate’s card. How do you work it out – that’s the fun part! If you’re the clue-giver, you have to use noises, actions, dance moves and synonyms to help your team deduce what the three words are.

It sounds easier  than it is  – just be sure  you’ve recited “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” before playing to get you in the alliteration mood!

Shot in the dark

Available from: Amazon

Describing itself as the “ultimate unorthodox quiz game”, Shot in the Dark is one for all the family to get involved in. Why you say? Well, because it’s nigh on impossible to get the answer correct!

This card game hasn’t been made for the quizzing elite. Instead, it’s a trivia game based on the interesting, bizarre and hilarious questions you could imagine being asked – you literally have to take a shot in the dark to get close to the answer. Do you know how many tins of paint it would take to redecorate the outside of the White House? Or perhaps how many litres of prosecco are sipped in the UK every year? Nope, nobody does – but closest to the answer wins the point!

Beat That

Available from: Firebox

Time to work off that Christmas dinner with this bonkers battle of wacky challenges! Beat That sees players have to complete dexterity-based tasks by flipping, throwing, bouncing and catapulting coins into containers within an allocated time. This trailer will give you a taster of what to expect!

With 160 different challenges to undertake and each player having to try out each round, you need to give it your all – remember, the family bragging rights are on the line.

Cards Against Humanity - Family Edition

Available from: Firebox

The infamous adults-only game has shown its more PG side with a version that all the family can get involved in. The myriad of naughty cards have been banished for some child-friendly humoured ones – with this latest version being arguably funnier than the original.

The aim of the game is to give the best answer possible to fill in a blank, using the cards you have in your hand. The blank black cards are just as ludicrous as those in the original series, so see who is crowned the king or queen of humour once the game is finished.

Love Island: The Game

Available from: Amazon

Can everyone please gather around the fire pit…it’s the Love Island game! The latest piece of merch to be released by the ever-popular ITV2 show, it takes you to the heart of the villa as you get a slice of islander life through partaking in a series of challenges and games to win points for your couple. It’s certainly worth noting that this isn’t a child-friendly game – adults only for this one!