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Five Must-Haves for an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

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Where once you would have had to pick up a magazine or purchased a book on interior design, Instagram has now made it easy to find inspiration without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Beautiful bathrooms are de rigueur these days – a nod to the wellness and clean-living trends – and self-care is seen as a right rather than a luxury. Instagrammers are welcoming us into this most intimate of spaces to share how they style their bathrooms for the ultimate home spa experience.

If you are looking to create that ‘Instagram-Worthy’ look in your own bathroom – whether you plan on sharing it with the world or not – here are five things you must have to get that perfect shot.

Luxury Products

Alas, that plastic bottle of your favourite cheap and cheerful shampoo on the side of the bathtub just won’t make the cut. High-end and luxury brands with beautiful packaging will only add to the aesthetic. Can’t quite bring yourself to spend £25 for an Aesop body wash? Consider decanting cheaper brands into amber glass pump bottles to get the look for less.

A Roll Top Bathtub

Whilst not particularly practical, there’s nothing that gives a bathroom quite the wow-factor as a roll top bath. Your bathroom suddenly becomes a place of leisure and relaxation with this luxurious addition. Go one step further and paint it the Instagram favourite – blush pink – and those likes will be coming in faster than you can say, “Lush bath bomb”.

Patterned Flooring

While the spa look – a combination of clean white with natural wood accents – is always a winner, the inclusion of a pattern on your floor will show your willingness to push the boat out when it comes to your design decisions. It will add interest to an otherwise fairly utilitarian room and as it’s a room we don’t tend to spend a lot of time in, it’s not something you’ll tire of quickly.

A Touch of Marble

Another big trend in bathrooms has been the use of marble. As a natural stone, it will require regular sealing to ensure it stays looking pristine but combining natural good looks with a luxury price point, the wow-factor is worthwhile. Consider a marble-topped vanity or go all out with a single slab lining the walk-in shower. Can’t afford the real thing? Consider porcelain tiles which mimic the look of marble without the upkeep.

Brass or Black Hardware

Chrome is of course the most common finish found in bathroom hardware but if you really want that Instagram-worthy look then consider a different finish. Brass is certainly having a moment and combines beautifully with many finishes including marble but its high price point means it’s still unattainable for many.

For a different look but equally as swoonworthy, consider instead matt black which creates a striking contrast with white tiles and can be combined with chrome fixtures for wow-factor without the hefty price tag.


Kimberly Duran is an award-winning interior design blogger who chronicles her decorating journey in her blog, Swoon Worthy. Her style is unashamedly eclectic, bohemian and glamorous and when she's not helplessly drooling over design websites and adding things to the imaginary 'shopping basket' in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects, stalking eBay for bargains, taking Instagram pictures of her cats and investing time in her ongoing love affair with gold spray paint.