Five trending interior design and tile styles

by Avant Homes - 17 May 22

Looking for jealousy-generating, statement-delivering and gasp-inducing interior design inspiration? Your search is now officially over! Courtesy of the design-mad interior experts over at The Baked Tile Co., we bring you five of the hottest interior design and tile trends of 2022 so far.

From maximalist concepts to calming earthy Moroccan styles, read on to learn how to achieve these head-turning looks.



This trend is all about designing rooms that are full of multiple colours, textures and patterns, building an environment that feels energetic yet still maintains a sense of cosiness and familiarity that every home should enjoy.

Maximalism is often considered a reaction against minimalism, a trend which has been around for a number of years and revolves around creating spaces that are sparse and uniform. Maximalist interior design is instead all about the idea that ‘more is better’ - a complete backlash to stark, sleek minimal interiors!

Maximalist tiles



To recreate this trend, you should embrace Scandinavian design principles by incorporating natural elements. This includes elements such as light and bright wood, nature-inspired sculptural pieces, house plants, and natural textiles and upholstery, such as wool, mohair, sheepskin, linen and jute.

Scandi is a style where texture is almost more important than pattern. It’s a setting where simple form, whether it be in the shape of an interesting, yet simple shaped tile, or a feature Mid-century armchair, is combined with muted colour and soft natural texture to create a relaxing, uplifting interior.

Image of Scandi interior and tiles



This new design trend has evolved from a wish to create a feeling of wellness within our homes via interior schemes incorporating lots of natural light, sustainable products, natural finishes and of course lots of plants.

We all know how good the outdoors makes us feel, so by incorporating the uplifting qualities associated with natural light, greenery, pattern, featuring tile designs inspired by nature and natural products, we can all benefit from this characterful, holistic interior style.

Image of biophilic interior and tiles



Say hello to the rapidly emerging trend known as Japandi, a mix of Scandi vibe décor, paired with elegant Japanese style. These styles work seamlessly together, with their simple lines and minimalistic essence, with the bonus of being easy to master.

When combined they create a serene, understated look, which feels stylish and uncluttered – there’s no wonder this is an emerging trend. This beautiful interior décor trend can easily be brought into your home with the use of simple timber walling and stone finishes and soft accents of matt white, all punctuated by planting! Simple, yet so effective.

Image of Japandi interior and tiles


Earthy Moroccan

A Moroccan interior design style can be exotic, elegant, luxurious and dramatic all in one go. Back in the sixties when hippies spent time in the country, the style first came to the UK and at that time was considered very nonconformist. An opulent look, it is all about colours, fabrics, patterns and lots of freedom and flow between pieces.

Currently there is a move towards a more earthy Moroccan vibe with the use of traditional products such as Terracotta, Bejmat and Zellige tiles being used as a backdrop to rustic furniture and natural fabrics, punctuated with aged metal accents.

Image of Moroccan interior and tiles


Now you’re feeling inspired and have your interior décor juices flowing, it’s time to kick your newfound design knowledge into action. So, will it be simple Scandi principles, or the bursting with character biophilic look flowing through your home? Whatever style you do choose to go for, it will no doubt have your home looking fresher than ever.

Based in The Mumbles, Swansea, The Baked Tile Co. was established in 2013 and determined to bring new and exciting tiles to the UK market. With design in their DNA, the company offers high-end design online with a passion, matched only by their customers, for tiles.

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by Avant Homes - 17 May 22